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this is amazing! great job!

Before & After: Dresser Re-Do Inspired by Anthropologie
Red Hen Home

8/2/11 05:06 PM

Since the original post was about a dog, though, I thought I'd weigh in on dog peeing...our cocker spaniel never peed on the floor unless it was a DIRE emergency until a few months ago, when he figured out I was pregnant before I did. Since then, he's taken it upon himself to overtly take a piss on the floor right in front of either me or my husband, without asking to go out. I'm glad to learn from this post that it can stain under a carpet if I'm not careful to let it dry first.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Reader Tip: The BEST Way to Clean Wood Floors
8/27/08 01:11 AM

We travel with our dog all the time. After careful observation, we determined his hatred of the car is outweighed by his desire to stay with us rather than with a sitter. Our dog tends to get carsick - if not puking, he's shaking and drooling. We found out one Dramamine tablet after a small meal about an hour prior to departure does the trick. It lasts for 24 hours. I bring them everywhere we go.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Escape: Road Tripping with Your Pet
8/27/08 12:52 AM

We have a metal roof on our log cabin in northern Vermont. It seems to be a pretty common choice up there. For one thing, a lot of us have woodstoves that serve as the main (or in some cases, only) source of heating in the winter - a metal roof can really put you at ease knowing sparks might fly out of the chimney at any time. We have about 18 inches of insulation under this roof and it has always struck us as energy-efficient. As for the noisiness - we love it. The raindrops sound wonderful, and since they're muffled by insulation there's no danger of them being too loud. I can't imagine noise being a problem with this type of roof unless your house is surrounded by trees with falling branches and the like. Another great thing about metal roofs is the sheer range of colors they come in now. They can really brighten up an otherwise dull building, guesthouse, garage, etc.

Apartment Therapy New York | Standing-Seam Metal Roofs Boston
8/27/08 12:49 AM

I have been looking for a table like that forever. Does anyone know who makes those types?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Gumtree = CraigslistAustralia
7/25/08 02:08 PM

Does anyone know what those trees/big plants are called?

Apartment Therapy New York | Petite BalconiesParis, France
7/20/08 10:00 AM

Cheryl K, it might be possible that the sealed door you're referring to was a "carpenters' door." I lived in an old brownstone (1860's) in Park Slope, Brooklyn which had a sealed door like this on the 2nd and 3rd storeys, in the same location on each floor. If you could walk through those doors, you'd find yourself in a neighbor's brownstone. I have never been able to find any information about these except for what my landlady told me: carpenters' doors were used during construction of multiple connected homes (or apartments I guess) to facilitate construction of similar or identical residences on the upper storeys.

Apartment Therapy New York | Mystery Devices in Old Apartments
7/20/08 09:46 AM

I just placed an order with Bemz for 2 slipcovers. I live in Geneva, Switzerland and was amazed at the additional costs associated with shipping by UPS. I also don't know what I'm in for in terms of customs and "admin" type taxes they charge here when you import something. Such a shame, since I'd rather pay more for the product, to be honest, then to pay fees. Now I have about 6 weeks (hopefully my order won't be late like Alisha's, above) to wonder what these costs may be. But that's the norm in Switzerland, I guess, and there's probably nothing Bemz can do about it. I have never ordered from Bemz before so I'm a little nervous -- especially since I don't have time to request a swatch -- but I always hoped someone would come up with this idea and my fingers are crossed.

Apartment Therapy New York | Bemz
4/6/08 12:03 PM