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Gorgeous!! Is Tottenham an American bulldog or an Olde English bulldog? Where did you get the drawing/ paintings of the bulldogs in the kids' room? I particularly like the one with the two dogs in glasses (or was just one dog in glasses...?).

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2/26/12 12:10 AM

Thanks everyone! As for the story behind the 'J'... it might go something like, it was late at night, my husband (whose name coincidentally begins with a 'j') hung it backwards and we didn't notice until someone else pointed it out. :) It has since been remedied.
I made the mobile with various craft supplies and some clearance ceramic letters from Michaels. I hung them with eyelet hooks. Cohen loved those letters when he was younger! He would talk to them and sing to them and if he was upset he would calm right down when we put him on his change table! Now he's more interested in us and less in the letters but he still plays with them sometimes.

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12/10/11 03:11 PM