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Wow. What I love about this place is that the owner was not trying to show it as an add for a magazine photo. This is how a person in the city REALLY lives. A cable box next to the that's reality! It's probably not centered because the box couldn't fit. My guess, anyway.

Love the painting over the bed. The trunk is great for this reason - it maintains the wood theme so the space is not completly black, white, nor metallic. It blends perfectly. It serves as excellent and appropriate-for-size storage (SMALL COOL CHALLENGES, remember???).

I keep looking at the photo and finding more things I like. That's museum quality.

We have to keep in mind that this contest is about small, cool places and their challenges and problem solving and aesthetic beauty and creativity. This is what makes cool. And THIS PLACE IS SUPER COOL!

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4/6/08 11:24 AM