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I actually just had Omission at a bar in Seattle... it was delicious! I don't know that I would have tried it had the bartender not been a friend (who's wife is celiac) as it just sounds like ti might be a risk. But it was great! Very delicious. I enjoy Redbridge but there's something about being able to have a "beer beer".

The Making of a (Good) Gluten-Free Beer Beer Sessions
7/17/12 03:16 PM

Going off of Emmi's comment I did get the blood test done but came back with so many flags (a total of about 68 items including wheat, sugar, chicken, dairy, eggs, rice, corn and a number of herbs and veggies) that I was asked to eliminate for 6 months which meant cooking everything I ate. I am 7 months in now and am just starting to reintroduce foods in to my diet (so far I have a list of two no's and one yes-it's-okay). Despite how hard it was in the beginning to find recipes that still tasted good and weren't the same two dishes over and over, it does get easier! You'll find substitutions that work and if the diet does help then it will make a world of difference! I have no stomach issues, headaches, joint pain or insomnia since taking out everything that was flagged... though I do have to agree with Emmi that one contamination can lead to weeks of feeling sick or just off.

Recipes that should work and will freeze well might be: stews, chillis, salads, sautees.

Good luck!

Tips for Eating Well on an Elimination Diet?Health Questions
3/12/12 05:07 PM