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DIANA-don't listen to those monsters!
If you like the colors and paper treatment (and I do too) who cares. It is fun and cheerful and will liven up a room. Maybe we don't all want a house full of wood tone plain furniture! And I love that you share your failures and mishaps so we can ALL learn from them:)

Before & After: A Chest of Drawers Gets Paper Sourced
Fine Diving

12/8/11 10:53 AM

Kim from Too Much Time Here....
One side of the scalloped edging was missing, one was seriously damaged and for the life of me I couldn't find any that matched-so I made the executive decision to scrap it. It looked weird on just 2 sides. I saved the two good pieces though and hope to use them on a smaller project! There are lots of photos on my blog.

Before & After: Decoupaging a Thrift Store Desk
Too Much Time on My Hands

12/8/11 10:29 AM