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I make this salad (or an offshoot, in which I may add some cheese) at least three times a month. I prefer a lemon vinaigrette, though. It's easy and so filling.

Recipe: Lyonnaise Salad Recipes from The Kitchn
7/17/14 02:40 PM

We live on the top floor in a very old two-flat in Chicago and are currently experiencing frozen pipes. The basement has no heatsource whatsoever, so everything down there is frozen solid. Went down to do laundry the other night and nothing happened -- no water could flow into the washer. Later the same night, 1st floor tenant came up to say her bathtub drain/toilet were overflowing. I have no idea if these are related, but it's a total pain.

We put a space heater in the basement to see if it helps. As far as I know, our landlord is not doing anything to fix these problems.

Who's Responsible for Frozen Pipes in a Rental Apartment?
1/9/14 10:34 AM

Okay, kind of unrelated -- we have our humidifier on top of an armoire (we have very high ceilings) and noticed that it's causing the paint on the walls to drip -- specifically, the drips are yellow, which is the color beneath the current navy blue walls. Should I just stop using the humidifier? Why is this happening?!

How To Clean And Sanitize A Humidifier Home Hacks
1/7/14 01:49 PM

Are you well-versed in Trader Joe's wine selection? I'd like to grab something from there, both a bubbly meal starter and a lighter red wine, but not sure what to choose.

Everything You Need to Know to Choose Great Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner
11/20/13 03:34 PM

I don't have a kid, but when we moved in to a new place and had to select an internet provider, we found that we could get our internet cheaper if we bundled with a landline service. I am 26 and have not used a landline (or even had one in a living space) for years - but internet + phone will be cheaper in the long run (even when promotional prices are over) than internet alone, so we did it. I don't even know the number by heart.

Cell reception in our home is typically fine, but I do use the landline when I have conference calls for work that take place during the evening hours, just for that extra reliability that cell phones sometimes can't provide.

Should a Single Mother Of a 7-Year-Old Child Get Rid Of Her Land Line?
11/6/13 11:21 AM

I'm really looking forward to the posts in this series! I have a question - will there be any homemade gifts that would be easy to make multiples of in one sitting? I want to give a lot of people identical gifts.

Make this Homemade Holiday Gift:
Lace-Printed Plates Homemade Holiday Gift Idea Exchange: Project #2

11/5/13 03:52 PM

I tried the baking soda oven cleaning method and it took me FOREVER to get all the baking soda out! I carefully read the Kitchn posts recommending this method and even consulted Martha Stewart... followed the instructions to a T and 1. it didn't work very well, even after letting it sit for 12+ hours and 2. after washing away the baking soda, I would find dried, white crusty stuff days later. I guess I didn't wash the baking soda away totally, but to my eye, it was gone... then the dried white film would appear. What did I do wrong?

P.S. I tried three times. And the grime and burnt-on oven junk never went away. Tried a variety of brushes/sponges too. Help!

Cleaning the Oven That's Never Been Cleaned (And Mostly Succeeding) Liveblogging The Kitchn Cure Fall 2013
10/10/13 05:17 PM

We just installed something similar! We have a very, VERY small bedroom with no space for any sort of bedside table. Just like ZoeMcC said, we figured a pegboard would be a good substitute. We have two small metal shelves and two wire baskets that hook right in and hold water cups, lip balm, earbuds and my iPad. Also a couple hooks that we eventually want to hang a couple air plants from. Since we also had no space for any bedside lighting, we bought two clamp lights from ikea and clamped them to the top, pointing downward, for some little sconce-type lighting. It has been working perfectly so far, and nothing has fallen on us yet!

For us, instead of the clear spacers, we just used some thin scrap wood painted the same color as our wall and attached them to the back of our large piece of pegboard.

Before & After: Ashley's New Headboard
9/20/13 11:11 AM

Those metallic scallop pillows on the bed -- where are they from? I love them!

Elana's Sunlight Sanity Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/27/13 03:09 PM

Thank you everyone for the fantastic suggestions! Couple things:

1. This room is technically a den. It is a two-bedroom place, but one of the bedrooms is tiny (I think around 8'x6') so I chose to take the (much larger) den instead and do without a real door. Thus, I don't think the landlord is obligated to provide a door for me.

2. No idea if the walls are the plaster kind people are mentioning, but now I'm nervous to attempt to hang a real door.

3. I'll probably toss up a tension rod and curtain for about a month, but I am very interested in installing a very thick, opulent-looking curtain in a more permanent way. I'm also into the felt door panel idea and I'm investigating felt options now.

Thank you so much for the suggestions, you guys!

Temporary Privacy Door Ideas for Arched Doorway? Good Questions
9/17/12 10:24 AM

All these comments on not tipping/tipping very little have me pretty terrified. I work as a bartender/waitress at an average-priced bar (between $4-$10 for beer and drinks, depending on what you order of course) in a very big city.

There have been nights when I have lost money on customers because of poor tipping. At most bars/restaurants, servers/bartenders have to give portions of their tip to others (barbacks, door staff, sometimes the kitchen, etc.) so not only are they receiving less than minimum wage (roughly $2.80 in my state), but they also have to give away part of their earnings. Couple this with the fact that the government assumes we make 15% of our sales (which some nights, with some crowds, I just don't make at all) and the server loses money. People who say "I only tip if the following conditions are met" have never worked in the service industry and clearly do not understand how some nights, they are costing us money.

And for folks that say "then choose another profession," sometimes that isn't an option. I have to be in the bar service world because it's one of the only ones with night hours and the *potential* to make decent money. But every night is a crap shoot, and I do recognize that comes with the territory.

5 Things Your Bartender Isn't Telling You
7/16/12 04:30 PM

I live in a Chicago rental with both cabinets and open shelving, and we use the open shelving for all of our dishes because we really don't have a choice. We also have two cats. Moved in about 4 months ago.

That said, dust/cat hair hasn't been an issue, maybe because we only store a small amount of dishes on the shelves (my roommate and I both had 12-piece dish sets, and we keep about 6 of each set out, the rest are stored in a closet). Our kitchen is super small and I've really enjoyed how the shelves make it feel less closed in, as well as getting to see the mix and match of our dishes.

How To Know if You're Ready for Open Kitchen Shelving
1/20/12 10:57 AM