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I second the idea of bringing pink in through textiles (all different shades and hues). Have you thought about using pink vinyl decals? they could work on the walls or on existing furniture you may have. What about taking what he is already interested in a going pink. Say a print or poster of a bug - but in pink. Etsy is a great source for things like that.
As for the Dad - real men wear pink. And frankly its somewhat of a trend in my circle to take an archetypal male item and "soften it" through color. Antonio (I can't remember his last name) from design star - often took a very masculine piece and painted it pink. I remember a faux rhinoceros mount painted high gloss hot pink - in a otherwise very masculine room - it was great.

If anyone knows where i can find a faux rhino mount let me know. :)

Pink Decor for Little Boy's Room?
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3/22/12 11:29 AM

I use good ole cast iron and enameled cast iron several times per week on my glass top and have never had a problem. Good luck!

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1/5/12 11:09 AM