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Note from Trilby:

Thank for your input K T G.

It is truly much appreciated. I assure you the rest of the apartment is quite worth seeing, but as we are only able to post 5 photos, many of us (from what I observed during my deliberation) left out the bathroom and kitchen for various reasons. For what it's worth, I deliberated much over which photos to post, as I am sure the other entrants did as well, in our efforts to give the best overall feel for our small cool spaces. My kitchen, "toity" :), and hallways are true contenders, but were hard for me to get in a photo adequately without using a wide lens, as the spaces are narrow and/or geometrically unusual. Your opinion, as others are valuable to this site and contest. Thank you for taking the time to post and give your constructive suggestions. I am really just so honored to even have my apartment be deemed worthy enough to be posted in the first place, as I moved in less than one year ago and have been looking forward to giving it a try since hearing about the contest at my housewarming party last May 2007. Again, thank you (and everyone else) for your helpful input. :)


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4/6/08 02:45 PM

The above is my comment sent for trilby to post from me. Sorry Tril. GolfGuy.

Apartment Therapy New York | East #8: Trilby's New York Minute Retreat
4/5/08 07:38 AM

This is the best post on here. Hands down.

Love the TV placement. This is the only place available for it I can see from your space. An amazing usage of 440 sq ft. THIS IS WHAT SMALL AND COOL IS ALL ABOUT! I agree, I like how this place has character and is not your typical magazine photo that is so contrived. I like how you have so many appointments, and yet miraculously it does not seem cluttered.

Looking forward to the kitchen and hallway photos when you are able to post more. I want to see more!!! What you are able to do with this space and with your imagination, I look forward to your other ideas. The Westinghouse oven, brilliant! My wife loves the Audrey Hepburn and those great chairs. This really is a trip through time.

Kudos to you for getting this posted. Per the Contest rules, that is quite a feat. Best of luck, we will be rooting for you!

Apartment Therapy New York | East #8: Trilby's New York Minute Retreat
4/5/08 07:19 AM