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Love Maxine's room!!! I can see doing something similar one day when I have kids. Seems so simple and it took time collecting meaningful things. I almost selected Stella's because I can see a child really growing in a room like that. The style can go for a pre teen.

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Small Kids, Big Color 2011

12/12/11 09:28 PM

I remember when I was little and really wanted a Real Talking Bubba. It was like a bear that would talk to you and say different phrases. They were sold out everywhere. It is funny looking back because he was a hillbilly bear. Anyway, my parents had me convinced I wasn't getting one. My mom had managed to track one down through a friend. I was so ecstatic opening it Christmas Eve.

I think a year later was the furby fiasco. No furby was found for Christmas. I was disappointed but oh well. I moved on and enjoyed myself.

In January I became really sick and had to stay home from school for over a week. They then managed to find me a furby and I got over the flu with my little odd fury toy. It was more exciting getting furby then.

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12/6/11 09:27 PM