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Awesome job! I love that she kept it retro!

Before & After: \"Old & Ugly\" High Chair
11/15/12 05:07 PM

My parents scored 4 the first Christmas they came out, 2 for me (I was 6) and 2 for my 10 year old brother. I remember being so excited to see FOUR under the tree. My brother couldn't have cared less, but they wanted him to have a "collector's item." ha! Mine were named Eli Barry and Darda Jodi. Jodi is my name, so my mom was proud to find one by that name. Other names I remember are, Mavis Shelia, Tommy Ted, Theo Beau, And Constance Elaine. I ended up with about 12 more... yes, my parents were crazy and some I bought for myself. At around 14 years old, I finally decided I didn't want them on the shelves in my bedroom any longer. My parents, hating to get rid of them, moved the shelves and all the dolls into their room. They still have them. I guess they're still waiting for them to become "worth something."

The Original Cabbage Patch Kids (and Other Christmas Morning Disappointments)
12/6/11 08:41 PM