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EvaInNL: sokaing them overnight in household vinegar

I LOVE YOU! I was on my 10th... or maybe my 15th search for towels that would absorb some water. I have a ton of different kinds, cotton, linnen, etc. Even have paid a pretty penny for some "Super absorbent" kitchen towels, but they all were junk! They wouldn't even soak up a tiny drop of water!

At least I thought they were all junk... until I read your comment here. I had washed them many times, with and without detergent, but nothing helped, so I tried your idea with the vinegar last night.

Used one cup of vinegar and about a gallon of water for all my kitchen towels and soaked them all night, squeezed them out, and washed them with a half cup of baking soda this morning. Dried in the dryer without any dryersheet.

Viola!!! All of them absorb great! No more kitchen towel hunt for me.

It also worked wonders for my eyeglass cleaning cloths. I never thought about how much residue and such is in laundry detergent and how much the factory of towels puts stuff on the "absorbent" towels that makes them very un-absorbent.

Thank you!

Dish Towels That Actually Absorb Water

12/6/11 07:13 PM