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Agree with digger.
And, no way that grey is the new beige - there's so much grey everywhere that beige is the new grey. I see so much grey paint on walls it actually makes me a bit nauseated these days.

Better Than Beige: 6 Nice & Neutral Wall Paint Colors
5/17/14 10:29 PM

Thank you so much for this timely and inspiring post. I have been considering doing something similar in my own bedroom for awhile, but was having a tough time visualizing how the bedding would look flat-like. I also am not much of a DIY-er, but if Sheila can do it, maybe I can, too.

Before & After: This Busted Bed Gets Beautiful
4/1/14 05:44 PM

I still love that baby in the photo!!!
(Sorry for the off-topic comment, but the photo just made my day.)

Keep Out: Pet-free Zones at Home?
3/13/14 12:54 PM

These are so great, and they have relevance to me as a modern American woman. If they were available as prints or in a book, I would buy. I would love for my friends to see these, too.

The Men Under the Influence Photos by Jon Uriarte
2/21/14 06:24 PM

Definitely an improvement, with more texture than the sterile bachelor pad. However, the lack of color makes these spaces look flat and still rather sterile. You know what might make a huge difference? Plants. This place needs at least a couple plants.

Ken and His Belle of New York Apartment Tour
12/3/13 12:17 PM

Hee hee! Precious Moments figurines! Maybe they hate you.

\"Registering\" For Holiday Gifts: How Do You Handle It?
12/2/13 11:43 AM

Agree with Pi and others - adding a chair and defining the space with a rug will not necessarily make your space look cramped. Also agree that, if possible, moving the center point of that space away from the window (even a couple feet) will likely make the space seem bigger, because not everything will be shoved against a wall.

How To Add Seating Without Cramping Small Space? Good Questions
11/26/13 12:12 PM

Sounds like a huge pain to me. I lived in Hong Kong and had a tiny undercounter fridge - it is so much nicer to have a larger fridge - would you be able to shove a big old pot of stew straight in the drawers? And even if you could, I always kind of feel sad for kitchens that do panelling over their fridges or disguise them in some way. The fridge is a huge box of treats! It should be seen! It is a beacon of happiness!

Drawers Instead of Traditional Refrigerator? Good Questions
11/25/13 10:12 AM

The style selection may not be modern enough, but, if you are willin to entertain a more classic shape, Pottery Barn wonderful, comfortable, deep sofas. The PB sectional my husband and I purchased has foam cushions wrapped in down covers (which can be re-fluffed in the dryer), so they are cushy but also retain their shape. As you mentioned, you want to be able to test - go to Pottery Barn and sit on a sofa, this is what sold me - so freaking comfortable.

Recommendations for Sectional Upgrade? Good Questions
11/20/13 12:01 PM

Wow! Fabulous! Great job.

Taylor's Sweet Little House House Tour
10/2/13 02:11 PM

Gray or pink!

Alison's Wall Pattern Project: Help! Color?
8/13/13 08:46 AM

This is great - I am halfway done painting my entryway and am getting too tired to finish. Now, instead of looking lazy, I can say I'm trendy (at least, until tomorrow, when finish painting).

Half & Half: New Painted Furniture Trend?
7/10/13 09:00 PM

You could build or buy an inexpensive console/sofa table for behind your couch. This will shorten the space between the tv and couch, as well as give you a place to put personal items and small plants. A couple larger plants in the room would also probably be a positive step towards making the room more alive.
I second the idea for more artwork to brighten things up. Also, if possible, sheer curtains with a pattern that you keep closed (but with the blinds open behind them), should add both color and light.

Help! My New Living Room Feels \"Off\" Good Questions
7/9/13 08:53 AM

While I am not normally a fan of open floor plans, I think it makes a lot of sense for this space. The renovation looks beautiful, clean, and very livable. The powder room is also awesome.

Before & After: A Gut Renovation
in Ditmas Park
The Sweeten

7/3/13 05:14 PM

Agree with Charlotte, or just go with ultra pure white walls.

Can This Obnoxious Couch Work? Good Questions
7/2/13 10:41 AM

Beautiful use of color - particularly that shade of green.

Baby O's Modern Whimsy My Room
6/18/13 09:01 AM

Second vote for the French press - a lot of dorms have common areas with a microwave. Bring a glass liquid measure, fill it up, microwave the water for about two minutes, and voila - you have hot water for coffee. (A lot of dorms will not allow appliances in rooms anyway.) Also second the traditional clock - if you have a smartphone for multiple alarms you don't need an clock with more than one alarm.

Not related to design, but you might want to bring some nice, noise-cancelling headphones, too.

Feedback & Advice on Dorm Room Design? Good Questions
6/17/13 10:12 AM

I think it's a bit presumptuous and rude to ask if it is a real Bansky on the wall. I would be appalled if someone asked me whether my art was "real," and I have a mix of originals, limited edition prints, reproductions, etc. That is tantamount to asking - how much money did you spend on that? I believe that the article is on the cabinets, and while the The author has been kind enough to share photos that include other items in his home, I don't see how the question is appropriate (at least, not without some explicating context). Anyway, what difference could it possibly make to a reader whether his artwork is "real" or not? Perhaps Maxwell doesn't mind the question at all, but I do.

Maxwell & Ursula's Light Rental Reno: The Cabinets Renovation Diary
5/20/13 02:16 PM

Also, I bet if the After were being sold on Horchow, some of the naysayers might like it.

Before & After: An Art Deco Makeover Akicsihaz
5/15/13 06:58 PM

I like both the Before and After. In my place, the before would go better, but maybe their place needed a little more glamour - nothing wrong with glamour!

Before & After: An Art Deco Makeover Akicsihaz
5/15/13 06:57 PM