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this is great!!! now i have a project to use the roll of Wood grain contact paper i got at the thrift store for $1.00!!!

A Basic Cooler Gets a Modern DIY Upgrade Almost Makes Perfect
7/24/14 08:10 PM

i take all my stuff to the Hosparus Thrift Shop in town. all the money from the sale of the item is used in the community, and you can get a taxable donation receipt.

After the Garage Sale: What to Do With What Didn't Sell Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
7/20/14 09:17 PM

We live in Kentucky. You have SO much to do in this state. We usually do a google search of drives within 25, 50, 1oo miles and pick somewhere to go. We always pack snacks, water and sandwiches. Sometimes where we go is a place to eat, so that is part of the fun. People would be surprised at all their city or neighboring city has to offer.

Stately Summer: How to Explore Your State's Travel Treasures Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
7/19/14 09:00 PM

all of these are so good. i am going to have to make at least one or two of them; maybe con a friend of mine into making the Guinea pigs and dog.

12 DIY Projects & Crafts So Cute You’ll Want to Eat Them All Up
7/18/14 08:36 PM

postcards are great. put them in a big clear vase so you can see them. write the date on the back for a reminder.
i also love to find something small; whether it be a ring, earrings, tiny artwork, magnet, dish towel. just something bright & cheery to remember my trip.

Bring the Holiday Home: Practical Souvenir Ideas for Design Lovers
6/30/14 10:28 PM

looks gorgeous!

Before & After: A Facebook Find Goes Floral
6/30/14 12:06 PM

i think something like this would work;

Suggestions for a Rug to Go With this Patterned Sofa? Good Questions
6/20/14 10:22 PM

Love the Boston Terrier! I like the open feeling about the room now. That beautiful headboard!

Before & After: Kristen's Modern Regency Bedroom Makeover
6/19/14 05:28 PM

Love the bright and cheery color on the walls!!!

Before & After: A Linen Closet Surprise
6/19/14 05:01 PM

really nicely done. would love to see the patio area.

London's Seaside Studio Small Cool Contest
6/8/14 04:04 PM

love those purple chairs!!

Your Guide to a More Creative Home: 6 Secrets to Better (& Bolder) Ideas
5/5/14 12:48 PM

love this! great job!

Before & After: A Chic & Simple Tool Cart Transformation
5/3/14 10:10 AM

this is a wonderful idea!

DIY Room Decor: Vintage Fisher Price Art
4/25/14 06:22 PM

I just keep the dish drying rack in the sink.

Instant Pretty: Store Your Dish Drying Rack On a Floral Tray (It'll Collect Drips, Too!)
4/24/14 10:17 PM

lamp looks close to this one;|floor%2Blamps|30|best|0|2|24||6&cm_src=PRODUCTSEARCH||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-%3Fcm_sp%3DMyRecs-_-LeftNav-_-Search

Small Space Lessons: Floorplan and Solutions from Nicole's Pretty Adorable
4/24/14 04:05 PM

Beautiful job!

Small Space Lessons: Floorplan & Solutions from Jason's Charm & Potential
4/22/14 10:32 AM

I say Thank You and then promptly donate it to Hosparus Thrift Store. One person's unwanted decor is a treasure for someone else.

How Do You Deal with Unwanted Decor Gifts?
4/21/14 11:58 AM

see if any of this helps:
also: At the plant store, I was told to keep it in indirect light. And to let the soil in its pot dry out completely before watering it. And to be careful when I transplanted it—"don't put it into a pot that feels too big or it will get freaked out," the plant store owner advised.

Can I Save My Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant? Good Questions
4/21/14 10:25 AM

Love them all but especially Benjamin Moore Sunlit Coral and Coral Gables in Traci's Incredible South Pasadena Craftsman. Wow!

9 Soft & Successful Spring Wall Paint Colors from Real Homes
4/19/14 02:56 PM

Love this! Really nice tile. Will have to check out their website.

Can You Guess What This Tile Is Made From? The Answer Will Surprise You
4/18/14 11:14 AM