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pointing out that you have done a lot of so-so DIY headboard tutorials gets my comment booted? it's a legit appeal. i love DIY projects. i'd love to see someone tuft a headboard that looks like it's professionally tufted.

How To Make a Tufted Upholstered Headboard
Centsational Girl

3/28/11 12:19 AM

First, it's your home. Do what you want and don't let anyone make you feel guilty about it.

I think you may regret painting them. Try some other changes (paint, backspash, frosting) and wait 6 mo - year. If you still hate them, paint.

Old and new has so much more character and warmth for a kitchen.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Paint These Cabinets for More Modern Look? Good Question
10/5/09 07:23 PM

Saw these at Goodwill, where they often donate their excess merchandise.
About the same as the Target sale price.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Found: 10 Super Clearance Kitchen Finds
9/11/09 08:15 PM

she's local to big D and has some tips on where to go for the best goodies.

Apartment Therapy DC | Design Advice, Dallas Style?
9/4/09 08:52 PM

WOW PEOPLE, this isn't worth a debate.

Do not live in fear, but a failure to plan is a plan for failure. For the first few days after a disaster, YOU WILL BE ON YOUR OWN. Spend 10 minutes this weekend putting together a flashlight, can opener, passport copies, etc. in a small plastic tub. Put it in a coat closet or your trunk, and forget about it. No fear. Just a feeling of "if something happens i don't need to panic."
You got an old board game for the kids? Throw it in there too. Better they play travel yahtzee than look out the back window at whatever your impending disaster may be.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Evacuate Your Home in 15 Minutes Or Less
9/1/09 08:04 PM

fugly? huh?
methinks you live in a very narrow world of what home decor is.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Scavenger: Restoration Hardware Factory Cart Coffee Table for $450
9/1/09 05:34 PM

storage is bad. sure, your off-season clothes, christmas decoration and extra towels need a place to live, but everything else can live at goodwill. Once you start buying more stuff to put your stuff in, you're in trouble, friend.

not to sound like a hippie, but purging that stuff is a truly cleansing process. you will feel better.

i just helped some friends do a "clean sweep" style purge and they worked on it for a week. in the end, they were glad to have it all gone and said it brought them closer together. win-win!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Creating Extra Storage vs. Getting Rid of Stuff
8/31/09 06:02 PM

Sure, real cooks need all their stuff out. Fine.
Real cooks don't need stuff all over their fridge.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Before After: Olga's Green Stripe
8/27/09 12:45 PM

screw trying to make it fit your space.
sell it to me!

Apartment Therapy New York | Displaying an Original Trolley Scroll Intact? Good Questions
8/24/09 07:05 PM

glad some folks aren't melting over this piece. design for design's sake. gimme an eames lounger. now you're talkin'.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Design Classic: Eames Hang It All
8/19/09 07:36 PM

I cannot afford design furniture. I will probably never be able to do so. I can afford target furniture. If I find something there I like, I do not care if it is a knockoff. I buy things I see that I love and will fit in my home. Like their knock-off emeco navy chairs (which I actually scored 4 for $100 on craigslist)

I understand why knockoffs are bad and they hurt the designer. But I could/would NEVER buy the original. They aren't losing a dime off me.

Do what is right for you. In your home. I am sick of seeing people on these comment boards getting so worked up.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Real Deal v The Steal: Can A Knock-Off Ever Be Okay?
8/19/09 06:54 PM

this almost always requires a knowledge of upholstery. call an upholsterer.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Furniture Disassembly Service in NH? Good Question
8/18/09 07:37 PM

oh bepsf, how i agree with you. bring on the snark. there's room for us all here.
ikea's a nice place if you know how to add their pieces to your decor, but an ikea-themed room. ack!

Apartment Therapy DC | New Room Features at Ikea College Park, Maryland
8/17/09 08:04 PM

give these people proper times and budgets. this whole series is dreadful. i wouldn't live in a single room i've seen yet and i suspect they wouldn't either.
also, they're shopping at sears. c'mon.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Design Star, Episode 5
8/17/09 08:00 PM

I assume they were a deal, you like them, and "get new tables" isn't an option.

everyone seems to think people on this site are rolling in cash. get yourself a deal and "make it work" as tim gun would say.

temporarily, i'd relocate some lovely fat coffee table books to lift your lamps and waters glasses.

i like the idea of putting legs upside down on top and putting a peice of glass on them. you could slide books and mags in there. oh, the storage.

these will be great with some fun paint. good luck to you.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Adding Height to Bedside Tables? Good Questions
8/11/09 01:20 PM

This post clearly isn't for New Yorkers. We get it. You're special and totally unlike the other 99% of americans. But for those of us in our 20s who are moving for jobs and finding our footing, if not our down payments, this is helpful. And yeah, it took too long to learn about the boxes. Now I keep them under the bed. I never see them, but when I move I am so glad I have them.

I'd also reco rugs. Even on carpet (yeah, some people hate) because it's yours, not the cheap generic apartment carpet. Rugs do for your rental what they do for a home, warm it from head to toe :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 10 Good Tips For Renters To Feel At Home
6/11/09 08:32 PM

I agree and disagree with commenters. I think there a few too many close ups, but in a small apartment I know how hard it is to get a good pick of the space. I can see the bedroom in the purple mirror (which I bought in white, but now I want to paint. thanx for the idea!!!). And the last pic is pretty good of the main space. It feels nice and lived in.

I think a home is a special place and to share it with all of us, and put it out there for critique, is generous and brave. Let's be nicer to people. We're all friends here.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #5: Jill's Budget 1-Bedroom
4/4/08 04:10 PM