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Regardless of the the way that your landlords choose to maintain their property, as a renter, you have little rights.

GET INSURANCE. GET INSURANCE. I cannot stress this enough. It's about 40.00/month, but will pay for itself in the rather somewhat likely event of a fire, or other horrible situation. I

I have had two co-workers, as well as myself, over the last five years, had house fires. Without insurance, your landlord's policy only covers (in Massachusetts), 750.00 per renter. Not even enough to stay in a hotel for a week, let alone a few days.

What's Been Your Biggest Rental Regret?
7/28/14 01:09 AM

Oh the horrors! We painted two, matching walnut credenzas, whose veneer finishes were almost beyond redemption. Fact is, the white doors actually look better than the originals, and people always compliment them: https://www.flickr.com/photos/k2yhe/4095215465/in/set-72157623821593190

Before & After: A Mid-Century Mess Gets a Makeover
6/28/14 02:23 AM

This isn't on wheels, but we came up with a hack for a bar using a wrought iron aquarium stand and a wide plank of teak. Very easy to do, and quite stylish:


Cheap, Easy DIY Project: Stylish, Modern Bar Cart Hack for Under $40 Primer Magazine
3/9/14 02:43 PM

ebay...not for the things I need to move. Large pieces of furniture are particularly problematic. I've got everything in storage for now.

5 Questions to Ask Before You Pick Up Your Craigslist Score
2/24/14 04:49 PM

I used to sell quite a bit on craigslist, but eventually got tired of the Serial Responders, who must have some sort of an app that alerts them to key words. I also started to get impatient with the hagglers, the lookie-loo's, and various time wasters. The result is that I stopped selling anything through the site.

Now, how to get rid of my "collection" of Mid Century Modern coffee tables and starburst clocks?

5 Questions to Ask Before You Pick Up Your Craigslist Score
2/3/14 04:54 PM

Sort of bizarre post, isn't it? Not sure if it's even germane to AT.

Are You From a Naked Family?
1/9/14 10:55 AM

We have one in our kitchen, but it's not in the food prep or dining area of the kitchen. We put it off to the side to break up the expanse of the wooden floor by the back door:


Rugs in the Kitchen: Over-Designed or Functional? The Kitchn
12/6/13 12:39 PM

It's not just a curb appeal spruce up. It looks like it was a major renovation, costing tens of thousands of dollars. Both are lovely though. I guess it all depends on your taste, as well as your needs for living space.

Before & After: A Dated Abode Gets Some Crazy Good Curb Appeal Professional Project
10/16/13 10:46 AM

Did anyone notice that the mirrors over the sofa, on the right side, look as though they spell "boo"?

I love the kitchen sink. There are some very nice elements here, the flow of the floor plan being the most remarkable. I can see why it's been conducive to entertaining large groups.

Molly & Brian's Travel-Inspired Home House Tour
10/11/13 02:40 PM

I can add one here, especially on a site where there are a lot of DIY'ers who might be using solvents for painting: pay attention to the warning labels on the sides of the cans. Our house caught fire (80% loss of dwelling and contents) because of these solvents when my husband decided to paint the front porch, and left rags and wood stain cans unattended, and then headed out to work. We were both out of the house,at work, when the fire started.

On the other side of safety and prevention, is protecting your assets if a fire happens: check your insurance policy, be sure it's up to date, and that you have enough coverage. Some states actually have laws that prevent you from claiming a loss if you're under-insured, which can easily happen when you don't update, and adjust it for inflation of real estate values.

Been there, done that. Be careful. It takes years to recover from an event like this.


Safety Tips for Fire Prevention Week
10/7/13 10:20 AM

I was very worried it was going to be a gut reno. I'm glad to see that the kitchen still has some of it's original character, and that the original upper cabinets have stayed!

Before & After:
Simply Gorgeous Kitchen Renovation The Sweeten

10/4/13 02:09 PM

Crisp and modern with a nod towards the classic. Very nice!

Before & After: Wendy's Armoire Makeover
10/3/13 10:37 AM

Based on function? Or aesthetics? Function: the sofa pushed up against the wall, facing the windows. But, my preference would be to put the sofa in front of the windows, slightly away from the wall. It makes the room look airier, more modern.

Living Room Design Duel: Which Layout Do You Prefer?
10/2/13 01:34 PM

Actually, I believe the bed frame is from Crate and Barrel:


Shop the Room: Alexis & Brooks' Collected Comfort Bedroom
9/28/13 10:13 AM

I spend a lot of time in EDH (in-laws/family and friends there) and have to say that I've never come across a finer home than yours. It reminds me of something from my favourite British magazine, Living Etc. Well done!

Grainne and Ian's Characterful Collection in Edinburgh House Tour
9/25/13 01:32 AM

Nearly every bathroom I've encountered in places outside of the USA aren't much bigger. They've done a good job using the space available to them (especially having children), but I don't necessarily see anything stellar, unless you're coming from a purely HGTV point of view complete with double vanities, soaking tub, upholstered seating, and a bidet.

Save Our Shower!: 3 Small Space Helpers No Cramped Family Should Live Without
9/17/13 09:24 PM


Yes. At first we used just casters on the ends, but noted that there was slight bowing. We added the centre casters a year later, weighted down the ends with books, and it straightened out without any trouble. We've had it for almost 5 years now, with fairly heavy use, and again, no trouble.

Before & After: A New Side to IKEA's Expedit
9/17/13 07:23 PM

My two cents here: We've hacked the exact same style of Expedite, and it's been used as a hallway bench:


and later, a rolling bookcase/console, extra seating:


No issues so far. Except: if you do put one of these legs or wheels, you'll need to support the structure in the middle as well. Otherwise, it does bow.

Before & After: A New Side to IKEA's Expedit
9/16/13 01:49 PM

This is a weird complaint. Almost as though you're seeking validation for your disgust. Judging by the amount of time you spent getting to your friends house, it would seem that visiting her doesn't happen too regularly? Just leave it, then. As other comments above have said, if she's not wheezing and coughing, then it's probably fine. Balance what your friendship is worth versus your own standards for housekeeping/hygiene.

Should I Tell My Friend That Her Bathtub Is a Health Hazard? Good Questions
8/29/13 11:21 AM

We've put in quite a few built-ins and storage niches in our house. I put together a pinboard to give me some ideas:


Ideas for a Cupboard above the Stairs? Good Questions
8/21/13 02:19 PM