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Possibly BM Rocky Coast? I just painted my bathroom that color and I'd describe it as a deep blue-tinted gray.

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9/3/13 09:03 AM

Adorable, wonderful. Also, so happy to see NH. Represent!

Julia's A-Frame
4/19/11 01:50 PM

So so lovely! Your small space really inspires me.

Kim & Scott's Yellow Brick Home
4/13/11 11:42 AM

I guess we eat/cook a lot. It's just my husband and me and we run it pretty much daily.

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2/24/11 02:10 PM

I made these from Gluten-Free Girl and they're amazing. Like, I might just use them as my go-to recipe for CC cookies, and not just gluten-free ones. http://glutenfreegirl.com/david-leites-chocolate-chip-cookies-gluten-free/

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1/21/11 12:31 PM

Name: Young House Love
URL: http://younghouselove.com

Name: Making It Lovely
URL: http://makingitlovely.com

Name: Door Sixteen
URL: http://doorsixteen.com

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1/19/11 12:22 PM

Oh She Glows

Her recipes are amazing.

10 Inspiring Blogs on Vegan Food & Cooking
1/12/11 06:44 PM

I love your bed! Can you tell me where it's from?

Mark's Eclectic Evolution
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1/7/11 10:07 AM

I find the stripes on the lower half of the wall really distracting and feel like they add visual clutter instead of enhancing the room.

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Good Question Revisited

1/3/11 02:52 PM

Making it Lovely is a favorite blog, in the top 5 favorites even. And while I don't know Nicole, she seems like such a great person (not only with a great sense of design, but fab fashion sense too).

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12/9/10 10:54 AM

This is the only coconut water I like too. I wish I could find it in bigger bottles!

Product Review: Real Coconut Water
12/8/10 08:55 AM

If only this were the biggest challenge in my life.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Video
12/6/10 11:56 AM

The homeowners in the first pic clearly do not have cats. :)

Modern Holiday Decorations
12/1/10 12:05 PM

Stunning! I love that you painted the lower cabinets a darker color - I might have to steal that idea.

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11/10/10 03:24 PM

We installed 12x12 Trafficmaster tiles in our master bathroom last spring. We've only had them about six months so far, but they're great. And they're really, really easy to install.

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10/23/10 10:24 AM

So flipping amazing.

Ashley's Lovely & Eclectic Studio
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10/21/10 04:06 PM

I am picturing a kelly green door.

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9/22/10 09:09 AM

Nashua, NH
Mortgage: 950
Condo Fee: 250
I also escrow my property taxes monthly, so in total I pay about $1350 for my 2-bed, 2-bath 1300 sq. foot condo.

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8/16/10 12:45 PM

So happy to see more of Manchester featured on AT.

10 Victorian Homes in Manchester, New Hampshire | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/24/10 04:15 PM

Oh, I love it. My dream house, pretty much.

Nathan Hannah's Mid-Century Modern MissionHouse Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/21/10 01:13 PM