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I would paint it a matte black and then move the mirror to another location where it doesn't stand out so much (I know you said you just moved in). I don't love the side/shelf/light/thing but it could look good if it blends in with the wall more.

How To Hide Textured Silver Wall?
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12/2/11 01:26 PM

@ EastSideSchnaus
That's awful, but your neighbor should never have the chance to throw rocks at your dog. Once your dog barks you should bring it inside. Period. If you know your dog has a barking problem you should be with your dog the entire time it's outside to correct its behavior.

Get Off My Lawn: Neighbor Pet Peeves
5/25/11 07:42 PM

List form because I'm lazy. This is all about the neighbors behind us. Thank goodness our very long yard provides a lot of space between us.
1. 3 teens and one drum kit OUTSIDE
2. have a 20 by 20 ft yard and just got a pit bull that they don't train
3. leave said pit bull outside all night in the rain (this is LA, but still)
4. when done with a pack of cigarettes or an apple they just throw it over the fence (or aim for my clothesline!)
5. blast music and yell at each other all summer
6. neighborhood cats all poo in the yard
Bonus: I've seen the son pee in their yard :(

Get Off My Lawn: Neighbor Pet Peeves
5/25/11 06:37 PM


I bought an Inuit art book from ebay or amazon for $15 while in college and it has most these prints in there. Actually, I used to scan them and get them printed so I'm assuming that's what they did too.

Before After: Clean and Modern Plywood Bedroom | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/28/10 05:42 PM

When I moved from Boston to Los Angeles I noticed a serious increase in dust bunnies. It's so dry and if I leave a window open for a few days... forget about it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Unwanted Visitor: The Dust Bunny
4/28/09 01:14 PM

If there is so much stuff outside the cabinets, what's in the cabinets?

Looks good but I don't want to clear a space just to make a sandwich.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Awesome DIY Kitchen Makeover! Austin
4/8/09 07:29 PM

Door closed always. Though my roommate pees/talks on the phone/and clips her nails all at the same time with the door open. Whose privacy aren't you violating at that point.

I would love to see a survey about locking the bathroom door. I never do because I would like to think we live in a civilized world where people knock before they enter.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The AT Bathroom Privacy Poll
3/19/09 04:40 PM

I am on my final leg of living with roommates.

- Not wiping down surfaces after you use them
- Don't just walk by the trashcans when you get home first, take them in
- We have a white sink, use the garbage disposal instead of letting food rot on and stain it
- If you dye your hair black, clean the shower
- Throw away the junk mail, don't just leave in on the counter for me to do it
- Put the wine bottle IN the recycling bag, not next to it
- Bandaids in the shower
- Never maintaining anything (i.e., trashcan juices)
- Wet paper towels left on the counter (?)
- If you pull the cheese tray in the refrigerator off the rack maybe you can fix it instead of just leaving it sitting there
- Swiffering once a month is not cleaning.

I could go on and on...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Kitchens and Bathrooms... Our Biggest Pet Peeves
3/5/09 06:06 PM

oh and...

I wouldn't do anything "HUGE". You have a HUGE window that is beautiful already. You don't want anything to compete with that.

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Save These Entryway Walls?
2/20/09 08:20 PM

I don't think you really have to do much to this space.

- If those are blinds in the windows on both sides of the doors I would put sheer cloth there instead. Not hanging, but the taut kind.

- I would get rid of the pot of sticks and put a plant that is green/has color and can benefit from being in front of a window.

- Then maybe if it needs something more add a few small pictures going down the stairs or along that hallway. I like white frames on white walls.

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Save These Entryway Walls?
2/20/09 08:17 PM

BED BUGS!?! Gross. I live in a 100 year old house in LA and we have pigeons in the front and a cuter bird family in the back (right outside my window). They are so loud I actually sometimes sleep with earplugs otherwise it's up at 6 am every day.

I'm surprised the owl works. Our neighbor has one and they still hang out on that house. Actually, they spend the day flying back and forth between our houses but I actually think they "live" there.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Giving the Pigeons an Eviction Notice
9/16/08 01:29 PM

I love cleaning!

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: DC-21 Dyson Stowaway Vacuum
9/15/08 11:05 AM

So pretty :)

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair in Red
7/10/08 12:39 PM

What are these prism prints?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Color Inspiration: Bits and Bobbins
5/22/08 10:19 PM

We found a pretty amazing deal in Echo park (more on the Silver lake side). It's a 3 bed/2bath house with a huge front and back yard for $2000. One bed (mine) is sort of small with no closet but i'm from the east coast and we are used to that kind of thing.

I think the key is to find an owner who doesn't use a management company. Our landlady is sweet and has kids our age so she sympathizes with our situation.


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Rents: The Valley Really Is Cheap, But is it the Cheapest?
5/14/08 01:23 PM

Thanks for all the suggestions!

A lot of these - mirror, lamps, rugs - I've been slowly trying to make happen but money is slowing me down.

The paint job is bad in some spots/clashes with kitchen tile so that's why I was thinking of painting the whole place. But, maybe I should scale back and paint some walls brighter complementary colors.

JenPDX - the windows face south and west so it gets a ton of light in the afternoon/evening.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: How Can I Liven Up My Apt.?
4/9/08 10:26 AM

Yes, I am willing to branch out. Anything and everything would be helpful. I'm having a hard time incorporating colors.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: How Can I Liven Up My Apt.?
4/9/08 09:42 AM

My coffee table is Lane too, but the water marks never go away unless I take an iron to them. I had tried Old English dark before hand but it didn't do anything.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Removing Cloudy Stains from Wood?
4/4/08 01:17 PM

This works! I've removed multiple water marks/heat stains from my darkly stained coffee table and they came out. I just used damp paper towels and an iron but some thicker cloth probably works better.

The mayo trick on the other hand does not work.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Removing Cloudy Stains from Wood?
4/4/08 12:14 PM