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When we got our little condo in CO I was told garage sales were Thursday and Friday and only till noon on Saturday. Mainly because friends told me, no one shows on Sat afternoon or Sunday - it's been tried and doesn't fly. The appears to be a big Sunday Church crowd and those that don't are enjoying glorious nature in the mountains or catching up on chores or family over the rest of the weekend. I was VERY surprised as coming from both a long sojourn in FL and living on LI in NY Saturday and Sunday were the sacrosanct garage sale days. I also lived in MN in the Twin Cities but apparently, as reported by maj0926, their days have changed from the Sat and Sunday garage sales of yore, since I was there. Interesting.

I do donate most of my own things as my husband hates garage sales and refuses to hold them. To be fair, parking close by in our neighborhood in FL would be tough.

When Do Garage Sales Take Place In Your Area?
6/19/14 10:59 PM

I can't agree more with Khat's comments. I have always found that the use of light is so Important to my own feeling of well being, and this seems to have so much, at least in the daytime. I do wonder if there is enough light at night, and what the pattern of light looks like spreading from that overhead hanging lamp.

Small Space Lessons: Floorplan & Solutions from Jodi's Absolute Favorite
4/18/14 04:10 PM

This has great potential for those really 'awkward to cart large furniture into or through spaces'. I've had a few of those. It does look, at first glance as if either the back could be a tad taller, or the seat a little lower, to provide more comfort. The overall styling is nice.

In the Test Lab: Assembling a Felix Chair
4/4/14 01:08 PM

Not as ideal, but if you have no other options, to give away free, or get free, check out -- like Craig's list only free. No need to have the item at your curb, you can even arrange a non meet pickup in a public place, eople do seem to get creative about that. Operates in many geographic locations across the country, as I recall.

Alison's Cure: An Ode to the Give and Take
1/24/14 06:52 PM

My granddaughter used to curl up into the closet in my second bedroom. Dragged in a pillow and blanket and books. Now she is 8 and has a loft bed in her room and happily curls up under that in a comfy small chair her size, with the curtains across her windows closed. Each to their own! :D I remember curling up into the very deep window seat in my grandmother's British house built in the early 1600's...thick stone walls with a window, and a heavy curtain across it. Curling up in there was so much fun...and yes I always liked to read there. I loved these ideas.

Kids Closets Used as Reading Nooks
11/8/13 02:24 PM

Our first home saw the emergence of the most gorgeous peony bush full of huge white flowers with splashes of red. The flowers were larger than I'd ever seen. Along with the ornamental cherry trees, and forsythia it was a lovely surprise. We added some daffodil bulbs and astilbe for the next owner....

New Home Surprises:In the Garden
8/14/13 05:39 PM

We've had long distance family moves, with two children. I always had a box of 'need immediately' that contained the basics like toilet paper, paper towels, kettle and coffee maker, mugs, towels and sheets for all the beds. Since we had clothes and toys for the kids in suitcases those got unpacke and the beds were set up. If we had time for other things the kids unpacked their boxed toys and the rest of their clothes. I unpacked as much of the kitchen and bathroom stuff as possible. My husband pulled the plastic off the furniture in the living room and the table and chairs for dining. All the other things progressed in order of kitchen and bathroom, family room, living room then dining room and garage.

A few moves were international and had an airlifted load of limited things, months later followed by our other stuf.f

Moving in: Which Room Do You Unpack First and Why?
8/14/13 01:04 PM

Try a local library, they tend to have wi-fi and some have sound proof rooms that you can book to use if you live locally and they aren't already booked up. If you already have a current library card it is easier to sign up. You might even be able to do it online, depending on your library's system. It is my expience each library's usage rules can differ so it is possible they might have the rooms but disallow you for some reason. Good luck!

How To Work With Loud Construction Noise Next Door? Good Tech Questions
7/26/13 08:07 PM

I'm assuming if money is really tight that all they want to do is paint, not replace the pillows on the couch or add anything else. If that's the case and looking at the photo (it was too difficult to align the names on the horizontal swatches with the vertical one''s shown on the wall in the room) it looks as if the second swatch from the top is the one that isn't too dark and works with the pillows, although it isn't easy to see. I never choose paint for myself unless I paint a swatch on the wall and consider it in all lighting perturbations, and in a 24hr or more period. Although, personally, I think I'd be using two colors here. Maybe a faux stripe treatment using a shiny horizontal and wide stripe on just the 'end' (narrow) walls to visually widen the very rectangular space. But for some odd reason I am picturing faux, slightly shiny gigantic, and some smaller, circles (in a shiny or reflective subtle version of the same color) behind the couch! hmmm.

Before: Sarah and Sam Want a Light and Bright Family Room Glidden® Paint's Boldest Before and Afters
7/25/13 11:56 AM

I think you have to consider how long you sit, as a family, at the table at each meal. If you din't soend a lot of time eating and chatting then benches can work. Adults will have more issues, i would, with long periods of sitting. With a bench cushion for some comfort I do like them for squirmy kids who don't want to sit there much after they're done eating. They offer some flexibility for squeezing in another child, when there is a friend over.

Maybe for adult parties use stored folding chairs and move the bench or benches to another room temporarily. Kids,like adults generally like to be in or near any action going on in the kitchen, so if your table is near there/your only eating area they will most likely end up doing projects or homework on it too. Benches are good for hopping on and off. We have had one, but replaced the bench when the kids got older and needs changed. Nothing has to be forever.

As an alternative there are the seats that look more like porch benches and have backs and cushions that might be used instead.

Should I Buy Dining Benches Instead of Chairs? Good Questions
2/25/13 10:16 AM

Can the pallets be sealed with something to prevent outgassing? Or is that oxymoronic? It sure is cute and very thrifty!

Before & After: Pallets, from Scrap to Sofa
2/13/13 12:19 PM

Posts like this annoy me because of lack of specifics...rendering it almost meaningless. So how much does one have to consume? Does it affect everyone in the same way? Etc... Wonder if the Bon Appetite article was more specific, and where did they get their data?

What Was That?! 5 Foods That Can Make You Hallucinate Bon Appetit
1/14/13 10:14 AM

I think, bucksept, that although you make a good point, on this list you can only make that criticism about the phone....everything else IS timeless. However, I have to say I have that phone, bought eons ago for my oldest daughter when she was two. Her now seven year old daughter still loves it. Why? Not because of the dial, she loves the moving googly eyes and the quacky noise it makes when she pulls it! She also loves to talk to an imaginary caller using the handset. So, while I wouldn't pay full price for the now plastic version (mine is wood, except for the plastic dial and handset) I'd buy it again, cheap and used, for a toddler who, trust me, will love it too! The toys that turn out to be favorites can often surprise you, children do have their own ideas, which I think you were saying. But some toys do seem to have very broad appeal, wooden building blocks, for instance, don't ever seem to go out of style. One of the best free toys is any huge box, say from an appliance, they can be colored, windows and doors cut, painted, decorated and used until they get used up. My children surprised me by playing broadly and creatively with things that I thought (with my less creative mind) were sure to have limited appeal.

Classic Toys That Never Go Out of Style Apartment Therapy Gift Guide 2012
12/7/12 11:55 AM

Pad and cover a folding screen? My current condo has double 3/4 Sheetrock with a space between and I can't hear much of anything between walls. But anything that drops on the floor above me transmits. Oh for some spray in Eco--expansion foam when my upstairs neighbor decides to vacuum after midnight...but that's another issue! :D

How To Soundproof Apartment (and Look Good Doing It)? Good Questions
9/20/12 06:11 PM

I looked up Castle Panic and the five or six cards I saw pictured were all male oriented -- of knights. Are there any female oriented cards, or other piaying pieces, in this game?

Games After Dinner: What Do You Play?
9/20/12 06:01 PM

Normally I like sparkle....but this seems a bit much. Or maybe not enough. Nondescript. My reaction seems due to my feeling that the cabinets were not done justice by the colorless background. Little to no contrast. Could be this kitchen did not photograph well, or maybe did not translate well to my iPad screen, but the sparkling cabinets seem to have more depth and read warm to me, almost a greyed beige, working better with the gold accents (although I was not a fan of those) while the Carrera (Carrara) Marble background seems far too cold (shiver) grey, and far too blue-white. To my eyes almost clashing with the warmer tones. For me those gold accents were far too warm to provide either balance or a suitable contrast. Considering the possible cost and amount of effort involved, this ktchen looks uncomfortable and unwelcoming. Is it just for looks? For me It fails on that count too.

Look! Shimmery Hammered Silver Cabinets Kitchen Inspiration
9/19/12 12:09 PM

This was interesting, as we're the comments. I had this very thing carefully explained to me by a local egg seller at an outdoor market in the UK after I remarked on the fact that they were sitting outside of refrigeration. She was adamant, when eggs are washed they have to be refrigerated. When they retain their natural coatings, they do not. So I too am following Hanhosh's statement, keep them the way they're sold to you.

IMHO healthily raised chickens produce healthy eggs.

Is Refrigerating Eggs Necessary?
9/7/12 07:03 PM

IKEA furniture used to be made better, but they still have some venerable pieces that last. Their greatest popularization, IMHO: the flat pack and the cam lock.

Quick History: IKEA

9/4/12 06:37 PM

Well, wasn't this fun...I just got Netflix and now I have a very timely and instant list of interesting suggestions!

I have seen Rivers and Tides and it was fabulous! I want to say there is a second piece about Andy Goldsworthy, but I may have seen that on BBC, while in England over five years ago.

Five Great Documentaries to Stream on Netflix Tonight
9/4/12 06:30 PM

Oh ditto Amaranta...I was just going to suggest the walk in closet could also have the baby in it. That's what the prior owner's of my condo did. It was large enough to hold clothes and baby in a bassinets or a small crib...shelving held necessities. Pare down your stuff if you can't fit it all. You will find you will get more creative after you have lived in the space for a bit. I wouldn't rush to set it all up permanently, unless you absolutely have to. You will think of creatuve storage after you have time to contemplate the space, with your stuff in it.

A Bedroom, an Office, and a Baby… All in One Attic Space? Good Questions
9/4/12 05:53 PM