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YUM sweet potato. Can i get the recipe from the photo please? :-)

More Than a Side Dish: 4 Meals Featuring Sweet Potatoes
10/5/11 06:10 PM

Even before my grand mother died, she gave me a lot of kitchen things, cake pans, muffin pans, inox bowls, pie dishes, old set of china plates and cups...
So for me too, everytime i cook, i cant not think about her. Those things have been so long with her, i'll use those item until they broke or being too rusty, or my death. Those are the best souvenirs with all the memories i've got in mind. Thanks for this post.

Inheriting the Basics: Coffee Cups and Kitchen Tools
3/25/11 10:45 AM

Oh my. Total turn off. I was laugh my A%%% off when i saw this picture. Roar!
I didnt know those bad sheets are making a come back... i saw some ugly quilts with a dog in a parachute.. i wonder what is worst of the 2?

5 Ways to Make The Bedroom Sexier
2/11/11 08:13 PM

The fourth one reminds me of the Carver's house in The Ice Storm movie. It was taking place in New Canaan, too!
What an amazing movie, with amazing designs everywhere.

Apartment Therapy Boston | New Canaan Modern Home Survey
10/3/09 07:56 PM

I've got 4 issues left to my subscription, and after that, im letting go Domino and just have the books. The 3 last issues were so boring to me, and there was too much egocentric posh ugliness than simple and nice design.
So if Domino had to go, i dont mind.
I really miss Blueprint too.

Apartment Therapy New York | No Shelter: Domino To Close? The New York Observer
1/13/09 08:20 PM

Sometimes i take hydrogen peroxid if im out of vinegar, and im telling you, with the baking soda, it works great, all the hair are coming up with the bubbles its making. And after that, just run the hot water on.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How to: Naturally Unclog the Bathroom Sink
1/2/09 02:21 PM

A delicious fruit crumble. I just made one with pears today.Yum!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Best Healthy Comfort Foods? Ideas Wanted!
10/25/08 09:50 PM

Those cushions are better in person, but for me, they arent big enough!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Etsy Find: Woodgrain Log Pillows by Norwegian Wood
9/23/08 12:46 PM

I do prefer Kelp clam and curry yum...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Keep Calm and Carry On Poster?
8/18/08 05:21 PM

Im in a triplex, and i live on the upper floor. Its definitely worth it, for the view, for the sun, for having no one above, and having two pairs of stairs to be at home, its good for the shape!
We have a garden outside, and we share it, except the private wood deck is private for the bottom.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look!: Deux Duplex Montreal
8/18/08 05:19 PM

I was hoping for a recipe too. i guess this is better to just look at the picture and be tempted, but its torture!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Morning Treat: Fresh-Baked Chocolate Croissant
8/7/08 06:38 PM

coffee! definitely!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What Smells Do You Like Waking Up To?
8/7/08 06:30 PM

Another in love with your sofa! EQ3 or Urban Outfitters, or ?

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Modern & Clean Window Coverings?
8/7/08 06:10 PM

I love my stairs, except in the winter when there is too much snow, its such a pain to shovel them!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The Front Steps of Two Cities
8/7/08 06:06 PM

I'll never stand to have this, too depressing.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Global Warming Rug by NEL for Nanimarquina
8/7/08 05:44 PM

Welcome to Montreal! Hope you likes it! :-)

Eve puis-je savoir ou tu as commandé ta chaise Eames?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Moving Day
8/6/08 02:56 PM


Apartment Therapy New York | Studiomama's Tiny Beach Retreat
7/18/08 10:42 AM