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oh to have an orange storage locker stuffed full of shoes- fabulous!

Best Foot Forward: Shoe Storage and Organization
10/14/11 05:50 PM

The writer did indicate that all that seating came with the house so the style isn't something she can change. Definitely agree on the pops of color- get working on those throw pillows!

Making Small, Incremental Changes to a Room
10/14/11 05:44 PM

definitely do something to cover the window; I had a closet with a small window high up by the ceiling, and even so I had a black dress bleached to purple on the shoulder. It was a formal dress so it only got hauled out once a year, and apparently it was hanging just in the right place to always get hit by the sunlight.

How To Make Narrow Closet Functional?
Good Questions

6/19/11 03:07 AM

I'm guessing the pinks are not as in-your-face in person as they appear in this photo thanks to flash photography. I would never have thought of a brown leather seat with a black chair, but I find I like how unexpected it is.

Before & After: Vintage Chair Makeover
Make Mine Eclectic

6/18/11 05:01 AM

wow some commenters are harsh! I didn't read about any plans to completely renovate- I read a question about what color to paint the existing cabinets and a request for ideas on ways to hide or replace the backsplash tiles. Yeah the kitchen is sunny, but I bet in Saudi Arabia, sunny translates into HOT, and there are three different colors and sizes of tile visible in these photos- that is a lot to try to coordinate even if the tiles individually are ok.

I agree that the white cabinets don't work with the white appliances- the charcoal grey suggested above sounds like a great idea to me. Maybe cover the backsplash with those peel and stick metal tiles designed for renters? This kitchen is blandly ugly so some pops of bright color like elstudio suggested could bring in that quirky feel.

Good luck!

Help! Ugly Rental Kitchen Needs a Budget Makeover
8/17/10 01:22 AM

LOVE the soda tab lamp!

Lamps Made from Everyday Objects Inhabitat | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/1/10 04:13 PM

that medallion and hanging light is a DEFINITE improvement over the one in the link!

Battle of the Weekend Projects: And the Winner Is... | Apartment Therapy DC
6/1/10 04:10 PM

I love the bright blue accents! I'd like to see that painted floor in a few weeks after lots of foot traffic- I like the idea but wonder if it will look good long term...

Washington Design Center's 2010 Design House | Apartment Therapy DC#comments#comments
5/24/10 04:24 PM

Thanks for the info about St. Anthony's Bridal- now I can get rid of unwanted bridesmaid dresses without feeling guilty...

Emptying Your Spring Cleaning Outbox | Apartment Therapy DC#comments#comments
5/18/10 03:33 PM

I'm also on LibraryThing and I love it: $25 for a lifetime subscription that allows me to catalog an unlimited number of books, and allows me to satisfy my inner book nerd by cataloging the exact editions I possess- even to scan in my own personal covers! I'm on BookMooch too- great source for tracking down new copies of childhood favorites or of books I somehow lost over the years...

Organizing and Cataloging Your Home Library | Apartment Therapy DC#comments#comments
5/12/10 03:40 PM

wow- what an improvement over the original!

Aubrey & Lindsay's Nightstand Transformation | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/5/10 04:00 PM

love all the orange here!

Spring Bedding Refresh: 10 Dreamy Beds Roundup | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/4/10 04:57 PM

love the lights and that hammock!

Colleen's Lazy Outdoor Reading Nook Dream Outdoor Rooms | Apartment Therapy DC
5/4/10 04:56 PM

love that tiny desk. and the moose. oh the moose!

Furniture Designed for Kids Perfect for Small SpacesSmall Space Solutions | Apartment Therapy DC
4/27/10 03:45 PM

fun and funky- I like it!

Flickr Find: Josh and Amanda's Vegas Bedroom | Apartment Therapy DC
4/26/10 04:36 PM

I love love love #6 and #8. If only I had the space ...

The Ever-Versatile IKEA Expedit Small Space Solutions | Apartment Therapy DC
4/21/10 05:25 PM

the article starts on page 175 for anyone who doesn't want to have to browse through the whole magazine...

Maximizing Your Space: Tips from Nick Olsen Lonny Magazine | Apartment Therapy DC
4/13/10 11:12 AM

just love that Expedit hack and the Ork poster! if only I could weld...

Colleen's Cherry Blossom Inspired Serenity Studio With Style | Apartment Therapy DC
4/12/10 03:05 PM

now that would be must-see TV! if only...

Steve Jobs to Join New Bravo Reality Show | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/1/10 10:07 AM

ooh...I do love that bar picture because the bootle almost look like they are floating.

Acrylic Leaning Wine Rack from CB2 | Apartment Therapy DC
3/15/10 03:52 PM