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You need at least 72 hours of food and water that can be utilized in the event of an emergency, preferably in an easy to carry bag that you can grab from a closet.

Some people have received a recommendation to have a years worth of food but at least 3 months worth. Food will always go up in price, whereas other items are different.

I live in a tornado prone area. Having food and portable mini cooking devices (you can make one out of a tin can and some heet or isopropyl alcohol) is imperative. My aunt's house was narrowly missed, and one neighbor died, and other neighbors lost everything.

Never assume you are invincible.

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3/15/14 10:50 AM

I rarely have instant pudding in the house, but I always have staples on hand. This is awesome!

Recipe: D.I.Y. Pudding
10/20/13 09:27 AM

This 'cruelty' argument is absolutely ridiculous. It's a beautifully and ingeniously designed apartment and use of small space. The compartmentalization provides privacy and will promote closeness in the family. There are any people overreacting because of their personal choices made based on their own beliefs in a certain 'ideal' has to be met. Not everyone shares your ideology and to insist it's cruel is just being judgmental, and a busybody. It wouldn't work for YOU. That's where your opinion ends.

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Cote Maison

12/3/11 06:45 PM