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I don't think I've ever measured quantities but I mix (roughly) a cup of mayo, a third of a cup of white vinegar, the juice of a half of a lemon (or a lime if you realize at the last minute that you don't have a good lemon), a sprinkle of salt and a boatload of black pepper. If the mixture isn't a little bit looser than maple syrup, I add more vinegar. The sauce needs to be kind of thick but it needs to flow. Use a whisk or it will get clumpy.

Do You Have a Good Recipe for Alabama White Sauce? Good Questions
9/10/12 11:17 PM

Loved this video! Great advice for those of us who are growing herbs in our gardens. @mandarinmarie, I don't know where you are (I'm in AL) but I have been completely unsuccessful at growing cilantro. It's just too hot too fast here. Thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano, and basil do very well. I've resigned myself to grocery store cilantro when I need it.

Expert Advice on Planting, Pruning, and Getting the Most Out of Herbs Video
6/20/12 08:55 PM


My Pantry Essentials: Eggs, Shallots, Parmesan, Miso & Lemons
2/15/12 10:06 PM

Love this idea for a series. Thank you!

Wine Words: Acidity
2/9/12 09:48 PM

On the weekends, I use my dad's old US Army cup. I love it. At work, during the week, I frequently am teased about the size of my large (cheap) white mug. It's cool. I've downsized. I now have a 2 cup sized mug. I'd have an IV line of liquid caffeine if I could.

Do You Have a Favorite Coffee Cup?
2/9/12 09:46 PM

My favorite breakfast is cottage cheese and pineapple. I prefer ricotta in my lasagna but there is no better breakfast than cottage cheese and pineapple.

Curds & Whey: Cottage Cheese
Ingredient Spotlight

2/9/12 09:39 PM

*Gin - Hendrick's or Bombay Sapphire for martinis. Anything else, give me something to mix with it.
*Ketchup - Heinz Organic
*Sriracha - can't recall the name right now but it has the rooster on the front and the green cap.
*Olive oil - (store brand but, oh my, what a store brand) from the Shoreline Deli in Pensacola, FL.
*Instant coffee - (for making homemade lattes), Bustelo.
*Ginger cookies - Trader Joe's Triple Ginger cookies. Not the thin wafer, the real-deal cookies with three forms of ginger. My waistline is grateful there's no Trader Joe's nearby.
*Mayo - Kraft Olive Oil.
*Chewing gum - Big Red
*Yogurt - Fage
*Liquid dish soap - Dawn
*Soft drink - Diet Mountain Dew. Nothing else.
*Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Love.

You and Only You: What Brands Have Your Unswerving Loyalty?
1/30/12 09:36 PM

None of the survey results applied! My answer is, "Sometimes." If I'm using my heavy ceramic dishes, I use placemats to keep from scratching the table. If I'm using the everyday corelle-type dishes, I don't usually bother.

Do You Use Placemats?
Reader Survey

1/23/12 03:40 PM

I discovered this trick accidentally the other night. My ex-husband had joined us for dinner and we're all trying to get him to eat more vegetables. He'll tolerate salads but isn't a fan of bold flavors and claims that my regular vinaigrette is too "twangy". I made a separate dressing for him with a little less vinegar, a little more oil, and a healthy squeeze of agave nectar. It was still "twangy" so I added a little bit of water. What a difference! The flavor and texture were both improved significantly. I went on to add a splash of water to ours, as well. It didn't kill the "twanginess" that we like but made the dressing even that much better. Win!

What Do You Know About Adding Water to Vinaigrette?
1/19/12 02:49 PM

Foie gras from D'Artagnan (I may have spelled that incorrectly). It's expensive but worth it.

Do You Buy Ingredients or Specialty Foods Online?
1/9/12 09:02 PM

I learned the hard way about organic apples. I used to (with conventional apples) just wash them off and start eating. Organic apples may come with a bit of extra "protein" so I've learned to slice my apple, thinly, prior to eating it these days.

7 Foods to Avoid For The New Year

1/9/12 10:57 AM

The Bota Box Pinot Gris is pretty tasty, too.

Living in the Big House: In Praise of Boxed Wine
1/6/12 04:15 PM

Seriously? The tip to store the avocado in a light-proof, air-tight container with some cut onion was brilliant! I no longer worry about buying an avocado and it not keeping. Absolutely fantastic. It keeps for days and days!

How To Slice, Store & Eat an Avocado: 15 Tips
Best of 2011

12/28/11 09:49 PM

It depends on the size of the crowd. It's usually large so we do have a separate table for the kids but it's in the same room.

One year, I used plywood and yards and yards of material to cover my pool table so that we could all sit together. It was, surprisingly, less Beverly Hillbillies than you'd imagine.

Do You Have a Separate Kids' Table for Thanksgiving?
11/21/11 06:07 PM

I don't have a tureen and don't know if I'd use one (I'm trying to downsize my belongings a bit). When I serve soup, I break out the prettiest bowls I have and ladle the soup from the pot it was cooked in, then bring the bowls to the table.

Survey: Do You Own a Soup Tureen?
10/24/11 11:05 PM

I hated beets and asparagus as a child. My mom loved pickled beets (but also served boiled ones) and I found out later that she'd been serving us canned asparagus.

I was at a wine dinner one night and one of the courses was borscht. It was amazing. I can eat roasted beets now but pickled beets are still gag-worthy to me.

As for the asparagus, my best friend kept telling me that I just hadn't had good asparagus. I wasn't exactly convinced but she's a wildly talented chef and she'd never steered me wrong so I let her feed me grilled, fresh asparagus. I became a convert that minute.

Do You Have a Vegetable Conversion Story?
10/4/11 09:41 PM

You can also cook the stock down until it's very condensed and add water later. It takes less freezer space when you do that.

Make or Buy? Chicken Stock
9/9/11 01:52 PM

I was going to link to the Bloggess but I see that snoopystar beat me to it! My grown children were both at the house the other day and I'd left a "message on a 'nanner". The kids looked at each other and said, "I'm not eating it." (my message was more like the Bloggess ones and less like Faith's)

Lunch Surprise: Write a Secret Message on a Banana
8/22/11 02:40 PM

I look at that and think about all the birds I'd find on my lawn... pre-butchered.

donQi Urban Wind Turbines Are On the Way
8/22/11 12:03 PM

I make my own, too. Once I read the ingredient list on the bottled kind, I was finished with it.

While I make a variety of salad dressings, ranch wasn't one of them. I can't wait to try the recipes here! My son will be thrilled.

Make or Buy? Salad Dressing
8/19/11 03:56 PM