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I've honestly never heard of people thinking whole wheat bread is bitter/earthy in flavor... this recipe looks great though

No-Knead Bread Recipe: Multi-Grain Peasant Bread
3/29/12 12:31 PM

@Mark Z: I should clarify, when I said best bang for the buck, I meant of apple computers... You are quite correct, for the needs listed here, there are many more affordable alternatives.

Is an iPad the Right Solution for My Family? Good Questions
3/15/12 06:22 PM

Recipes, news, email, web browsing, picture browsing, games, book reading, movie streaming/playback... all of these things are very easy, and even pleasurable on the iPad.

You can certainly transfer pictures and videos to the iPad using the camera connector kit, but you are limited to file size. There are a number of programs which are great for editing pictures and video (not the least of which are imovie and iphoto). However, if you are planning on using an iPad for a lot of this kind of media, you will run out of space. There are some 3rd party wireless harddrive which supposedly work with the iPad, but the internal storage is NOT expandable.

Another factor that might be an issue for you is that iPad's do not have multiple user accounts... it's one account for everyone, only one AppleID login at a time. On a computer, it's a cinch to create a few accounts, set ones up for kids with restrictions, etc. That is not the case on the iPad, so consider that. Realistically, especially for a family, I don't think a standalone iPad is a viable solution.

For what you are talking about, you would be better suited with an iMac. If you absolutely need something portable, a 11" macbook air would be the cheapest solution, but the 13" macbook pro is the best bang for the buck (in terms of laptops).

Is an iPad the Right Solution for My Family? Good Questions
3/15/12 03:53 PM

If you have the Xbox 360 you can do a lot of what the different media stations can do. It will play movies from an external drive (though not as many formats are supported) much like how a WDTV works. Obviously you can do all your streaming and whatnot with it as well. I don't have a blu-ray player either, and honestly I don't believe there is THAT much improvement over DVD. Maybe at some point when I have a state-of-the-art HDTV it will be, but my 42" HDTV works fine with my upscaling DVD player or WDTV. I do not like the Apple TV at all (and I work there). I would recommend against it unless you solely do itunes and streaming services, and really want the airplay feature.

Tales of a Late Adopter: Update Now?
1/18/12 05:17 PM