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That rectangle table as no business being in such a narrow dining room hun! What you need there is a round table that can seat 4-6 in the middle of that room, and a nice chandellier above it. Contrasting furniture (a white table from Ikea - they have amazing reasonably priced round ones), and some bright vintage chairs ( is king for this). A nice vintage sideboard should sit where that dining table currently is, and get some plates or other art to hang above the sideboard. And I stress it must be a sideboard; a hutch is going to take up too much visual space, while a sideboard hangs low and gives the illusion of wide open spaces. An area rug under your new - round - table would be nice too, and any other small accents on the other wall (like sconces - again ETSY.COM is your friend), And with all that done, you'll have a beautiful dining space!

How To Make Insanely Narrow Dining Room More Functional? Good Questions
8/31/12 10:21 AM

As soon as I saw Toronto I got excited! I'm hoping you come to my place next - when I decorate it! Parkdale is a great neighbourhood. We have style in T-dot!
I love the colour and the personality in this place :)

Natalie and Kevin's Perfect Parkdale Perch House Tour
8/29/12 12:10 PM

Come on guys, yes she has the right to ask. The appliances are VERY old and prob not very user friendly.

Can I Ask my Landlord To Go 50/50 on New Appliances? Good Questions
8/29/12 09:30 AM



You can!

I've picked inexpensive pieces above (or maybe you have a big box store w/ gently used, display, or newish appliances). Saying you want to split the price (and expressing your love of the place and intention to stay for a long time - in effect SAVING him money b/c he won't have to look for a new tenant for some time) should help.

Can I Ask my Landlord To Go 50/50 on New Appliances? Good Questions
8/29/12 09:29 AM

Oh and ETSY.COM has some amazing vintage and refurbished hardware you can replace the originals with.

How Would You Modernize Betty Draper's 60s Kitchen? Budget Makeover Challenge Reader Intelligence Request
8/17/12 05:08 PM

Replace the counter top with granite - or if you can afford it - a nice white and grey marbel. Take off the cupboard doors and repaint them white (if you like a neutral) or yellow if you like something bold. Obviously the appliances have got to be replaced, if you can swing it, some new floors would be nice too. You might even install some open shelves next to where the fridge is to make it more open in that area (especially since it`s near a window).

How Would You Modernize Betty Draper's 60s Kitchen? Budget Makeover Challenge Reader Intelligence Request
8/17/12 05:07 PM

It's such a great place! I wonder how they have a sex life though, with their child's room on the other side of a partition, and how that's going to work as she grows older.

Lex, Lynn and Lucy's
Downtown Modern Family HomeHouse Tour

8/14/12 11:09 AM

A bread box would help too: wrap the portion of the bread that hasn't been sliced in a linen cloth and put it in a breadbox. And if you're wondering where to buy a bread box, the best place it ETSY. They have an endless supply, which would flatter any kitchen design.

The Best Ways to Store & Reheat Bread: Advice from a Baker
8/3/12 01:25 AM

It's a beautiful neighborhood, I'm so pleased to see it on apartment therapy!

Hidden Neighborhoods: Wychwood Park
7/23/12 09:18 AM


10 Sources for an Eclectic Collector Style
7/21/12 02:22 PM

Ikea is a life saver for young 20 somethings starting off their live in their first place: aka me.

Favorites from the IKEA 2013 Press Preview
7/20/12 10:18 AM

CRYING at how much I love that Kitchen light fixture. It's design lust and I need this home in my life right now.

Crystal's Dramatic Home in San Francisco House Tour
7/5/12 02:49 PM

Canada Represent! Hudson's Bay Company is a staple for home items like that here!

A Room Inspired By Moonrise Kingdom Dream Living Room
6/28/12 01:56 AM

Why can't you be in Toronto, Canada? I'd be applying in a hot minute.

We're Hiring: NYC Events Reporter
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5/23/12 10:08 AM

This is Apartment therapy boys and girls; There are connections to cooking, cleaning, house tours, kids bedrooms, and yes today it seems it's time to talk about porn and sex. Porn is in some households, and it's nothing to get upset about. Maybe folks complaining about this not being safe for work shouldn't be browsing on company time....?

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5/12/12 01:16 PM

Since it's a rental, you obviously don't want to be putting things (aka money) in and up that you can't take with you when you move on. So for the cupboards, have you considered using wall decals on them? That's if (as someone else said) you can't open some of the cabinets. And if you can take a few cupboards doors off, then you can even put a bit of wall paper (colourful/patterned) on the back of the cupboard. You have tons of space above the fridge, and you can install colourful shelves (IKEA LACK shelves are cheap and look nice), and place some colourful bins to store extra appliances or pots and pans. On top of the cupboards there is ample opportunity to incorporate more colour. You can get (I'm not sure if you're a baker), colourful cake stands to put on top there, or any colourful storage bins that are streamlined and not clunky.

Can you paint the space? A light blue or a sea foam kind of colour? That too would go a long way of breathing some light into that area.

Help Make Dismal Rental Kitchen Happy and Light? Good Questions
5/3/12 11:43 AM

Too much eye candy in this post. I don't know whether to look at the man or the space. I guess I'll oogle both.

Poke Acupuncture's New Spot On Melrose Office Tour
4/25/12 12:09 PM

I seriously can't even begin to put into words how stunning and full of life this house is. I just....stick a fork in me.

A Look Inside the Home of Lighting Designer Marjorie SkourasHouse Tour
4/21/12 03:43 PM

I'm about to go looking for this in my local market. It sounds and looks fabulous.

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4/9/12 05:03 PM