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My mother (whom I love very much and has great taste) went through a phase of spray painting everything gold. Pinecones, leaves, branches, etc. We used to joke that one day she would spray paint my sister and I so we would match the decor.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | AT On: Decorating Guilty Pleasures
10/28/08 10:24 AM

Perhaps off topic but, I love that file cabinet! Anyone know where it is from?

Apartment Therapy New York | How Green? Working from Home From Re-nest: Our site that covers abundant design for green homes
10/27/08 11:13 AM

Tell them to come to SF next! Lots of love here!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | PINK: A Traveling Artistic Experiment Delivers Love Notes to Chicago Homes
7/25/08 10:20 AM

love the cane back chair!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Spruce Home: Restyled Vintage Furniture
7/24/08 01:23 PM

Question: Does anyone know of a local place to take classes in furniture refinishing? I just know there has to be one!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Open Thread 121 San Francisco
7/24/08 01:21 PM

that baby husky is too cute for words!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Round Up: Pets
7/23/08 02:24 PM

I love the bird vases- but I hate their website. Really annoying that there is no actual web store.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Round Up: Home Accents from Pier One
7/21/08 02:43 PM

My parent rented the outside of our house, and the inside of our garage for a movie when I was in elementary school. It was for this film...http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0105217/

Apartment Therapy New York | Renting Your Home for Television Movie Productions The New York Times 7.20.08
7/21/08 12:37 PM

I just bought the parson desk in orange from West Elm- its cool to see that I am not the only one suddenly craving orange furniture!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Color Therapy: Tangerine/Gold/Cream
7/21/08 12:31 PM

Grey and cream...so soothing and easy to throw in a pop of color here and there

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Survey: What Color Dominates in Your Home?
7/18/08 11:36 AM

I hate ceiling fans, and the bf has been petitioning for one- maybe this could be an option we can agree on!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Simple Green: Ceiling Fans
7/14/08 01:18 PM

I just moved and I feel the same way. Taking a deep breath now and trying to let go....

Apartment Therapy Chicago | AT On: Letting Go a Little
6/18/08 11:16 AM

I know there have been quite a few posts on the subject of FLOR carpets, but has anyone ever used them as stair treads? Our aging shi tzu is having a hard time getting up the slippery hardwood stairs, and I am looking for a fairly inexpensive way to make it easier for him. I was thinking of getting some FLOR squares and cutting them in half to make a carpet for each stair. Thoughts?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Open Thread 115
6/9/08 03:34 PM

ps. Yes, you can totally make it cool! A think just a recovering of the furniture in the fabric you mentioned and a new coat of paint, will be a great start. Keep us posted as to how it goes. (can you tell I have a thing for trailers?)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Help Decorating Our Camper?
6/9/08 03:08 PM

I am so jealous of your design project! That quilted backsplash is actually quite similar to one I just saw in Sunset.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Help Decorating Our Camper?
6/9/08 03:06 PM

Only unpacking boxes and trying to find blinds to fit out new bedroom windows. Being woken up at 6am everyday by the sun is getting a little old (and we just moved in last weekend!).

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Open Thread 114
6/6/08 12:50 PM

For some reason I have always had black and white animals (growing up:white cat, black dog, now: a black and white shi tzu), which would explain my fondness for grey... a nice blend of both!

Apartment Therapy New York | How To: Decorate to Reflect Your PetBoston
6/5/08 11:49 AM

White! I actually have that lamp too :)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Black or White Lamp?
6/5/08 11:08 AM

It makes me want to lounge around in an vintage silk robe while drinking endless cup of tea and reading Sartre...

Apartment Therapy New York | J. Morgan Puett's Artists' Colony: Romantic DecayThe New York Times 5.29.08
5/29/08 01:46 PM

oooh! ooh! I have that exact same table, but the cushions are looking super sad. Any tips on how to recover them? I am not the best sewer, but I am willing to take a stab at it.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Machine-Washable Oval Placemats for My Round Table?
5/29/08 12:31 PM