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I had an original nook and now have a nook color. In between these two I received a hand-me-down original iPad as a birthday gift. The original nook was crapping out on me (it got a LOOOOOOOT of use), so I intended to use the iPad as a replacement.

Or at least that was the plan. It's too big and heavy to comfortably hold while reading, and every time I picked it up to read I ended up getting distracted and doing something else on it instead. I spotted a refurbished nook color on sale for a great price and picked it up. I read on that now, and am much happier with it for that purpose. The iPad is great, it just was not a good reading device for me.

And each step in my tech reading was faced with a lot of hesitation on my part, from real books to e-ink, and then from e-ink to color e-reader. The lighter carrying load is a godsend (not only in daily travel, but also because I move a lot), and as convinced as I was that my eyes would hate me for the change to color, it just never ended up causing me any problems.

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