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About the pet thing- i think it really depends on the animal. if they are out going and go with you everywhere like dogs, its easier. But cats, that's a whole different animal (get it? see what I did there?)

My cat has moved four times since getting her. She hates it. she hates her carrier (doesn't mind the car though) and hates the new spaces. However I did learn something from the first and most recent move:

Keep a constant with him/her. The first move I brought a blanket it and shoved it in her carrier with her to get used to my scent. that way she knew when walking into my apt it was her new home. The most recent move, I basically moved everything in but set the bedroom up first. then shut her in there, letting her sniff around and realize that it was all the same stuff just in different places. I would also reccomend putting on unwashed (bus not soiled) linens on the bed.

Advice & Tips For Moving and Moving in Together? Good Questions
8/23/13 08:09 PM

I like it, but it's a bit pedestrian now the whole subway tile, stainless and marble/granite tops. But again, I do like it and it looks really nice with the contrasting floor.

Before & After: Upgrading a Builder's Grade Kitchen Little House Big Plans
5/24/12 11:11 AM

Funyuns, microwave creamed spinach with pasta thrown in. Sometimes I will crumble the funyuns on top and make a white trash casserole of sorts (when I am not that incapacitated).

I actually read somewhere that the best thing to have in the morning is something that is eaqually balanced in equally balanced in protein and carbs.

The carbs give your recovering body easy energy and the fat absorbs leftover alcohol and satiates.

What Are Your Favorite Hangover Foods?
12/16/11 03:49 PM