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Maybe it was homemade from a clock kit and clay?

Help Identify Mystery Mid Century Clock? Good Questions
12/14/12 10:11 AM

Very helpful comment Kathleen

Accessorizing Your Tech Life with
Natural Materials

12/13/12 09:52 AM

AT you seriously saved me. My boyfriend just asked for a nice bottle opener for x-mas an 90% of bottle openers are tacky

Lovely Alternatives to the Humble Bottle Opener Apartment Therapy Gift Guide
12/12/12 09:05 AM

sooo...what you're saying is...this house is for sale?

Levi & Evette's Simple, Approachable Style House Tour
12/7/12 09:19 AM

I thought that last one was "Stumps with Hats"

10 DIY Ideas for the Simple Wood Stump
12/6/12 02:41 PM

I was just thinking about this yesterday. I'm not religious and I have no little kids, can't I just skip it?

Making an Escape: NOT Home For The Holidays!
12/5/12 11:51 AM

HAHA so good

Amy & David Butler's Creative Textile Lab of a Home
House Tour

11/14/12 12:35 PM

@michelleb The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. The weather doesn't stink, and you can go to someone's lake house and get drunk with your friends. Explosives, alcohol, rabid nationalism - Best holiday ever.

The Family Holiday Tap Dance
11/14/12 09:40 AM

I'm dying to know why you moved to a horse ranch, it sounds awesome!

Ideas for Arranging a Railroad-Style Cabin? Good Questions
11/14/12 09:10 AM

What was an alligator doing in Chicago?

Tons of Taxidermy: Stuffed Owl, Deer & Alligator The Monday AFTERNOON Scavenger
11/12/12 12:49 PM

Ah! Great post! I'm so excited to try Goodreads. I'd just been making a note in my iphone and then making a reallyyy long Amazon wishlist. I then order items off of the Amazon wishlist from my library. Because it's $Free.99

How Do You Decide What to Read Next?
11/9/12 12:03 PM

Nice PBJ tutorial. Now I finally understand.

John's Dwelling Place Matures into a Sanctuary House Tour
11/8/12 12:41 PM

The first one looks like a Christmas noose.

Handmade Holiday: 10 DIY Garland Tutorials
11/8/12 10:03 AM

It's your right to smoke on your own balcony. Tell them to put a box fan in the window, and it won't waft up. They bought a condo with other people in it. Other people smoke. If they can't handle having living people around, they should have bought five acres in a rural area. Also, barking dogs are the absolute worst, I feel for you.

Help! Smoking Dilemma Dividing the
Condo Community
Good Questions

11/8/12 09:45 AM

Thanks you SO much for this, I'm really struggling to create nice product photos.

4 Great Tutorials for Photographing Product Super Photo Magic School
11/5/12 03:04 PM

Yay Pittsburgh shout-out!

Fresh Color Combo: Black and Yellow
11/2/12 04:30 PM

Thanks you so much, what a lovely peice.

Using Your Home to Reach Your Dreams
11/2/12 09:27 AM

I've wanted this compost tumber since I was like 12.

Tell Us...What Green Gifts Are On Your Wishlist? Apartment Therapy Ultimate Gift Guides 2012
11/1/12 11:43 AM

That's not "White Trash", that's "undergrad".

Habit House Halloween Stage Set (un)House Tour
11/1/12 09:30 AM

@Jane Jones hahaha

The Keys to a Perfectly Styled Desk
11/1/12 09:19 AM