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I had a counter depth about 70" tall Summit refrigerator freezer that worked quite well for two of us, about 11 cubic feet. I was even able to put together dinner parties for 30 people. Yes, things got a bit crowded but I managed. I now have an even smaller galley kitchen, about 80 square feet, and the refrigerator is a bit larger. I prefer fresh vegetables and fruits so I buy only what I need for a 3-4 day period. There are so many grocery stores in my area, Chicago suburbs, that it is relatively easy for me to pick up a few things I might need right after work. Having visited Europe several times over the years, I could see how easy it was to use a small refrigerator, having markets, butchers and delicatessens in the neighborhood made it easy to put together meals with short shopping trips. Soon, a Mariano's grocery store will open within a mile of where I live, so I will now have the pleasure of a short trip or walk to get fresh items more frequently.

Quick Tip: How To Fit More in a
Small Refrigerator

10/13/13 02:50 AM

Very pleasing space. I have an 85 square foot galley kitchen in a mid-1950's ranch house. This is inspiring me.

Sarah's Neutral Salvaged Wood Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2013
8/16/13 11:10 PM

I love this space. It serves so many functions and does it all so well. Ingenious idea to add the L-shaped wall to get a semi-private sleeping area. I also really like the kitchen. I like the way it is laid out, compact but efficient. Great colors and style. I think this is my favorite so far.

Jelena's Sleeping Nook Studio Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 12:54 AM

I loved this place. It is such a wonderful mix of color and texture. I, like many Apartment Therapy fans, so enjoy seeing the creativity and personality that one can build into a small place. I have downsized to a smaller home, about 950 square feet, and I plan to incorporate some of the wonderful solutions Judy has developed. I also happen to really like mid-century modern and lots of cool texture! I will also be checking out some of Judy's textiles.

Judy Ross' Urban Family Home House Tour
3/15/13 10:16 PM

Hi CallDoctorBison,
I remember having the same kind of lament in my previous house, with a small floor space but tall ceiling. The regular U.S. refrigerators were too bulky. I started searching too for the tall and skinny fridge that is like this Hotpoint. There are a couple of options here in the U.S. LG makes one that is quite similar. Freezer in the bottom drawer. I also researched Summit Appliances, based in the New York area, and chose a counter-depth but tall refrigerator which had about 10 cubic feet of food storage. We used this refrigerator for about 8 years until we moved. Check out LG and Summit.
Hope this helps.
Susan R

Sue & Graham's Eclectic Victorian Townhouse House Tour
12/12/12 10:23 PM

I had been looking for some nesting cookware as I sadly realized my classic Mauviel copper cookware was taking up way too much room in my 75 square foot kitchen. There was no appropriate place for a pot rack either. I read about the Natural Home nesting cookware and it looked lovely, but when I got it, I learned all of the lids are venting lids, so there was no way to steam vegetables, etc. I had to send it back.

Then I found Magma nesting stainless steel cookware. I bought a basic set on Amazon and bought an additional saucepan lid and detachable handle. The pans are working out very nicely. They fit in one 15" section of my cabinets! I love to cook. All of the items were around $200. I would recommend it to anyone who has a tiny kitchen and likes to cook.

Cristel \"L\" Line with Removable Handles: 8.7-inch Brushed Stainless Steel Fry Pan Product Review
12/2/12 02:17 AM

Oh, it is so good to see a person seriously cook and revel in what can be done in a small kitchen. I, too, have a small kitchen with southern light and I think more counter space. It sometimes surprises me, with real pleasure, when I put together a nice meal in my small kitchen. I do the same thing that Deb does and other writers have also done. I have a separate hutch, wonderfully handmade by my husband, where I keep my dishes and a number of my serving pieces. My friends and family are accustomed to my cooking style and compliment me by asking for repeats of some of the recipes I make.
My big old pressure cooker is in my basement. My food processor is in my tiny pantry. I may even be inspired to get a stand mixer now! To all you love to cook, and cook in a small kitchen, bon appetit!
Susan R

Deb Perelman's Tiny Smitten Kitchen Rental Kitchen Tour
11/15/12 11:30 PM

Wow, I am amazed at the wide range of responses. I, like so many of the writers, love to entertain. I enjoy cooking, planning, trying new recipes, and even cleaning the house especially well in advance of a party. However, like so many of you have had often really poor responses when I invite people to our house, by phone, e-mail or snail mail. I even write on the invitation, please let me know if you're coming and how many so I make sure I have enough food and beverages!

So now I do open houses and try to guestimate how many people will come. I did have an episode of extra people showing up once, so I pretty much emptied my refrigerator of brunch type food, did some more cooking and served the extra guests.

I do think it is inconsiderate of people not to rsvp. It's not about trying to impress anyone. It's about gathering some of our friends together and enjoying some conversation, a few laughs and some food. So with some folks who don't rsvp or have said they would come and then did not, and they did this a few times, I decided well, they don't like to plan, so I'll visit with them in other ways.

I work long days and have lots of obligations, too, and I do rsvp when I am invited to parties, so being busy is just not an acceptable excuse. Everyone I know is very busy!
And for those of you who had to chase people to get rsvp's for your wedding! Oh, that's terrible! Certainly emergencies do come up, and I am very understanding about that.

With some people, I have stopped asking. Courtesy is important.
Susan R

Party Planning Vent: What's So Hard About RSVPing?
11/14/12 11:11 PM

Lovely space. It looks very inviting and comfortable. I love your use of color. Those teal chairs and the colored window shades are superb. Oh, so much wonderful light, in London! and such a serene space to spend one's time. Wonderful job. Your father is a dear to do such wonderful work for you. My congratulations to him, too.

Marie & Ben's Scandinavian Chic Shoe Factory Apartment House Tour
10/31/12 01:36 AM

I have the Karlstad sofa and the Poang chair with an ottoman that I bought for my husband some years ago. I bought replacement covers. It has held up well, is very comfortable, and has even survived a couple of cat hairball events. When we downsized from a 1500 square foot house to a house just under 1000 square feet, I bought the Karlstad. We've had it for a year. I love it. My husband loves it. A friend of mine comfortably slept on it for 4 nights, and I love to take naps on it. So, both the Poang chair and Karlstad couch have been really good choices for us.

Reviews of IKEA Kivik, Carlstad & Poang? Good Questions
10/31/12 01:22 AM

I agree with the suggestions posted, especially ones regarding having some basic clothing changes in one's carry-on bag. I also learned a valuable lesson on an overseas flight with my husband. We now split our clothing between our two bags, so if one bag gets lost by the airline, we each have at least two days of clothing. I learned this by having to wear the same clothing for two and a half days in Germany when we were visiting friends. Imagine a 5'2" woman wearing a 6'4" tall man's robe for two nights!

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7/19/12 11:16 PM