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I love good design and I'm a also pianist and this flat-out pisses me off.

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4/28/08 05:06 PM

Here is a version of what you've got (posted on Red House Design blog). It is beyond cool:

05_1206786911.jpg (image)


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4/22/08 05:06 PM

I think the imperfections give the walls character. I wouldn't worry about them, just repair, paint & get on with enjoying your life in a freshly painted interior.

I have matte paint on my plaster walls right now, but I think a mild sheen can also be lovely. If you are worried about clean-up then get a "Mr. Clean Eraser". It works very well when cleaning up any kind painted surface.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Eggshell OK on Imperfect Plaster?
4/15/08 01:24 PM

I'm so glad to see some great advice on the Hemnes bed. I've been eyeing it for my daughter's bedroom. Does anyone know if the finish would accept some paint? I am a 4 hour drive from the nearest Ikea store so I can't reasonably check it out myself.

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4/3/08 04:39 AM