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I paint whatever color I want any time I want.
I'm renting and I make it my home.

True Confessions: Have You Ever Painted a Rental Without Permission? Reader Survey
6/4/13 01:05 AM

My name in huge wooden yellow letters on my wall (wish I still had those) and Winnie the Pooh decor (bedspread, and table lamp are all I recall)
When I was older, I had my own bathroom. My mom decorated it with green frogs. The little guys were everywhere. Wall decals, ceramic figurines on the counter, framed frogs, frog shaped washcloth. Good Lord. No wonder I got warts.

Do You Remember Your Childhood Wallpaper?
4/10/13 01:14 AM

Gorgeous decks/balconies with amazing views--what I would give to have those SF views...
I like the kitchen, painted ceiling..
Framed maps look good.
Interesting blue speckled floor in one of the bathrooms--commercial? Nice touch.
Great kids room/play space.
Gorgeous dining room chandelier!

Brad & Julie's Sunny Modern Victorian House Tour
4/10/13 01:01 AM

Good idea! And I agree with Pi...
A new(er) book by a local San Francisco (lives in Haight/Cole Valley) author is "The Orphan Master's Son" by Adam Johnson. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G read, and very NOW.

Check it out:http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/15/books/review/the-orphan-masters-son-by-adam-johnson-book-review.html?_r=0


House Guest Downtime: Vacation Books
4/3/13 03:26 PM

The Container store has a variety of storage boxes that have inserts of different sizes---to help keep tools organized.

Tool Chest to Fit the 13\" Expedit Cube? Good Questions
3/22/13 12:12 PM

Ah yes, SROs-Single Room Occupancy. Exactly.

Striking a Balance: 5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a City Apartment
2/5/13 01:23 AM

@ badneighbor and Heather C.

SROs? Are those Halfway Houses?

Striking a Balance: 5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a City Apartment
2/5/13 01:20 AM

@ Jess L.

What? Whoa. You found parking within 3-4 blocks of your house?? And that's acceptable? In the city that's a quarter of a mile!

Striking a Balance: 5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a City Apartment
2/5/13 01:15 AM


Outdoor fabric-I guess it could be anything from canvas to plastic. The AP post says it's "100% solution dyed acrylic." I was like, "What's that? Plastic?"
So I looked into the designer's website. The material is known as Securelle. It's polyester or Dacron. Not too sure really. But it's made by a German company called ADVANSA-Advanced Fibre Technology. The company produces all types of interesting materials for commercial/personal use (they make the CoolMax line of sportswear.) Securelle is flame resistant, so considered safe for outdoor areas near the fire, I suppose.


Outdoor Fabrics by Chris Barrett
2/5/13 12:56 AM


Yes to Zyrtec. I discovered this for myself by accident. Zyrtec is not supposed to cause drowsiness. My 10 yr old takes it during the day and is good to go. But for me, it lulls me into a wonderful night's sleep with dreams and all. AND I wake up feeling clear and congestion free! A good night's sleep IS habit forming...

Tell Us: What Helps You Fall Asleep?
2/1/13 01:26 PM

Amazing! Fantastic job. I read the Design Sponge details...that beautiful brick, the hardwood floors and walls were so nice looking (although worn.) It's crazy to think we loved to cover all of that up with drywall, ugly paint and hideous linoleum in the 70s and 80s.
I think it's a superb remodel.

Before & After: From Laundry Room to Rustic Chic Bathroom

2/1/13 01:11 PM

I agree with alicelost.
Super Bowl is all about beer drinking (and watching commercials.) Ok, I'm joking, but besides the game and the food...
San Francisco has SO MANY amazing locally brewed beers. Yes, there's the old standby's, Anchor and Gordon Biersch--21st Amendment has some heavy hitters (loving their seasonal brew right now, Sneak Attack Saison), but don't forget Magnolia Brewery, Social Kitchen, Beach Chalet (not my fave), and Rogue, just to name a few. You can walk into Whole Foods Market or BevMo and find all of these readily available.


(then serve up some Dungeness Crab and Rice A Roni and there's a party!)

Prepping for the Big Game: A Super Bowl Spread Inspired By Each Team's City Recipe Roundup
1/31/13 04:10 PM

Sounds delish--however, also never heard of Scampi Rice. Did you ask the restaurant how they prepared it? That would be my first step (the post doesn't mention if you did this or not--seems obvious, no?)
Also, I think if you loved it that much to ask the question AND Apartment Therapy chose to post it, then Saltgrass Steak House must fess up to their secrets...

Know a Good Recipe for Scampi Rice? Good Questions
1/27/13 12:36 AM

Ha! Funny. I thought the celery sticks were sitting in glasses of wine--sort of a new take on a Bloody Mary? But then I clicked thru...

Play With Your Food What To Do This Weekend
1/25/13 03:53 PM

So much better!

Before & After: The Heard's Dashing Dining Room Re-do
7/24/11 12:21 AM

Bodum has cute red toasters that would go with your decor---

I also say white cupboards and light gray walls. Remove/replace artwork above the bench. Find a really great photo of you and your husband and blow it up in black and white, or if you have a great color photo with a lot of blue sky, have the photo shop give it a "vintage" look. The artwork needs to be about 36" wide to look right and hang no higher than 6" above the bench! In other words, the lower the better.

Cute kitchen!

What Color To Paint Kitchen Cabinets?
Good Questions

7/14/11 08:49 PM


Apartment Therapy House Tours
Week of June 27 - July 1, 2011

7/4/11 02:26 AM

I've been known to dip my pjs into a sink full of cold water, wring them out, then put them on for bed while the fan is blowing directly on me!
I do like the bucket of water for the feet idea too.

8 Tips For A Cool Night's Sleep (Without the AC!)
6/30/11 12:36 PM

I use my social security number for everything which is *********.
I'm joking.

Are You Using One of the Most Common iPhone Passwords?
6/15/11 01:30 AM

Great couch!
I remembering playing at Breuner's furniture stores when I was about 6-8 yrs old. I pretended each and every living room and bedroom showroom were my very own...
My parents were always dragging me around to furniture stores.
Sorry, what exactly is your question?

History Of Breuner's Furniture Company?
Good Questions

6/15/11 01:13 AM