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My addition is sort clothing. In our laundry room, we have a divided hamper. Before I go to bed, I try and remember to sort the clothing I wore that day into the appropriate loads. This helps cause that way I know when I have a full load of laundry ready to do, and I can add it onto my list for the next day.

Personally, I do the dishes in the morning. I don't go to work right now - I take care of my sick aunt and uncle, and go to school. If i don't wake up early enough to do the dishes before class, I'm generally a zombie in class. I dislike doing dishes, and find it's easier for me to do them when I wake up, while nobody else in the house is awake to distract me from it. Plus, getting the thing I hate most out of the way in the morning gives me a sense of accomplishment, which normally leads to me getting more done in the day.

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12/17/11 01:27 PM