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FYI, they have a minimum order of $2000. Those of us with tiny kitchens need not inquire.

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6/5/14 12:48 PM

Goose stock has a certain sweetness to it, more similar to turkey than chicken stock. So bear that in mind. I found a recipe online for a Scandinavian-style beet soup that used good stock. Personally I think goose stock is better used as a cooking liquid for potatoes or rice, as others have suggested, rather than on its own.

What Can I Make With Goose Stock?
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1/30/13 09:28 PM

What about light and dark together? Our neighbor's kitchen is dark Marmoleum with white streaks. Think the color is called "graffito". Seems like that would camouflage a lot. We have white vinyl w/ black squares, and it is constantly filthy. Between dirt tracked in from the dog and food spils, we can't keep it clean for more than a few days.

Years ago in my SF studio apartment I had a galley kitchen where the floor was about 3' x 6'. I laid down a seagrass mat from Cost Plus World Market over the 1920's linoleum, and it was fabulous! Cheap, didn't show dirt, was soft to walk on, and crumbs fell through. Every once in a while I'd lift and shake it, sweep the floor underneath, then replace.

On the Kitchen Floor: Dark vs. Light
11/6/12 12:34 AM

I think the "castle door" type of lock is called a Suffolk latch. Or at least that seems to be a modern equivalent. Typically used outside on gates. You could also look into what's called a "flipper" lock, typically used in cabinets. Good luck, I'll be facing a similar issue soon when installing a wall mounted sliding door (like a pocket door on the outside of the wall).

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6/16/11 12:55 PM

Cool place! You have provided tons of inspiration and encouragement for how to make an attic space (or top half of a 1 1/2 story house) livable. I'm curious about the vertical space in general -- how high are the knee walls and the ceiling at the center of your apt? Looks like the roof slope is about 45 degrees. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah & Steve's Attic Aerie House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/20/10 04:45 PM

Did you install this yourself (sounds like it)? Is it a feasible DIY project if one is reasonably handy (able to do basic wiring and plumbing)?

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Best Products: I Heart My Mitsubishi Mr. Slim AC#comments
10/6/09 08:06 PM

Thank you Nette for opening your home to the NYT and the Internet beyond. You have provided inspiration for many people, myself included.

I too would love to know which under counter refrigerator/freezer was used. Wish the NYT had specified that, along with the brands of tile and the range (which looks gorgeous and functional!)

Apartment Therapy New York | West Village Modern On the CheapNYT House & Home Roundup 3.20.08
4/2/08 06:08 PM