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Maybe not a household product, but we lived in Detroit for 12 years, love the city and buy all our cars from GM or Ford!

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1/26/12 05:19 PM

Thanks to the person who pointed the way to Pottery Barn for the big subway piece. It's ordered and on its way to me even as we speak (write).

Apartment Therapy New York | East #9: Roxy's Room to Grow#comments
4/4/08 03:12 PM

I find that Old English dark clears up just about anything.

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4/4/08 12:55 PM

Where did you get that very cool subway sign? I want it! Bad!

Apartment Therapy New York | East #9: Roxy's Room to Grow
4/4/08 12:53 PM

Doting Gramma here! Would love this for my latest grandchild due in October!

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4/4/08 08:46 AM