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In a strange coincidence- the very day that I read this post I recieved an email from the editor of Domino about giving the "gift of Domino" this holiday season. I replied to the email and voiced a concern about the article from the Observer. Here is the response I received from Deborah Needleman, Editor of Domino magazine:

"Let me assure you that story about domino closing in the Observer is unfounded rumor. Domino is alive and well, and it's full steam ahead around here. I am glad you wrote to inquire, though...."

Apartment Therapy New York | No Shelter: Domino To Close? The New York Observer
11/18/08 07:05 PM

My favorite day of each month is the day I fish the newest issue of Domino out of the mailbox. It is the only mag I subscribe to... I will be so sad if the day comes when that stops.

Apartment Therapy New York | No Shelter: Domino To Close? The New York Observer
11/14/08 11:57 AM

hider, but a disorganized one for sure. Things pile up, then I stash them, forget where I have stashed them... and then have to pull everything apart when trying to figure out what drawer holds a certain pile that may or may not have a specific bill/letter/ dmv registration renewal stashed somewhere in the middle of it. :-(

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Organizing: Are You a Hider or a Seeker?
11/3/08 02:09 PM

I think this is very clever and creative.... dare I say it? Way to "think outside of the box"

Apartment Therapy New York | Cardboard Furniture by Tim Fraser Brown
11/3/08 02:05 PM

I just had the same thing happen to me... I came across about 8 rolls of film that I had NO idea what/where/who or why..... I took 2 rolls in at a time, so the expense was limited. It was also so fun to see the picutures that came out, it was like unwrapping a present... great anticipation of what I might see and huge laughs as some of the pics were at LEAST 10 years old!

Go get them processed, but if cost is a factor just do one or two at a time.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Found: What To Do With Exposed Film?
11/3/08 01:45 PM

Don't worry Matt.... you will still want to snuggle under a blanket this winter. CA nights can get chilly!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Roundup: Blankets That We're Dying To Snuggle Down With
10/24/08 12:20 PM

Traditional Travelor

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: "Sense of Style: Colour Space" Books by Shannon Fricke Los Angeles
10/17/08 12:06 PM

This trend I looooove....

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Roundup: Lotus Blooms
10/15/08 06:04 PM

Barf! That is EXACTLY what I said when I saw Kelly's spread in my new issue of Domino..... it looks like the 80s just hurled all over the pages of my favorite magazine. Dare I say Kelly's room look as bad as her clothing choices on Top Design?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Trendspotting: Nouveau 80's
10/15/08 06:03 PM

My grandma called, she wants her mat back.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Marble Top Anti-Fatigue Mats
10/8/08 10:57 AM

Those floors make my heart ache in longing! (Curses to my beige, rental, carpet)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Concentrated Color from LASC Studio Materialicious
10/1/08 02:31 PM

Wow! That totally gave me the urge to bust out my watercolor set!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Diana Fayt Salt and Pepper Cellers
10/1/08 02:29 PM

Yes, and that picture just made it even stronger! Just finished organizing the linen closet... working my way up to the garage and the BF's office..... eeek!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Has the Fall Cleaning Bug Hit You Yet?
10/1/08 02:26 PM

LOOOVE IT! Clever and witty.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Ugly Heater Solution: Just Go With It
10/1/08 02:23 PM

thrill- I have the same solution....

My youngest cat is a "kneader" with claws...and I have a beautiful Donna Karen blanket in a rich chocolatey brown color and a satin finish that I was terrified that she would ruin. But, as luck has it, she is OBSESSED with a small throw blanket that I keep folded on the end of the bed. It is a soft, fluffy faux fur one that she goes crazy over... and it only cost me a tenth of the other. So maybe try keeping a blanket on hand that she CAN knead and partially cover your west elm one to preserve it.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Cat Duvet = ?
9/23/08 03:12 PM

Wow I can't even get the BF to go to the grocery store with me.... I would NEVER try and coerce him into an Ikea trip. I learned my lesson going with a girlfriend who had a small child a few times.... I spent the entire trip watching her toddler, and trying to keep him from jamming the shoppping cart into displays and other shoppers.

Now I go on my own, as soon as they open on Saturday mornings.... I bring my patience and my cup of coffee, and dont purchase anythign I cant lift into my car myself. It's great.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Does Ikea Cause Arguments?? Melbourne
9/18/08 09:37 AM

That first picture really grabbed my attention... what a gloriously girlie room. Alas, happy couple-dom means constantly compromising my design esthetic to make Mr Man happy and comfortable at home.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Iron Bed Frames
9/18/08 09:21 AM

How many posts are we going to see about the book-decor inside Anthropologie? It's really neat, but we have covered this already.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look!: Hanging Book Lights: Anthropologie
9/18/08 08:59 AM

Oh my, that Alexandria chandelier had me at hello. Too bad I am on a Target sale-rack budget.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | On Sale: Lighting at Restoration Hardware
9/18/08 08:49 AM

I also had to break up with two dogs when I left an ex.... but was richly rewarded a year or two after when they had a litter and my ex called and asked if I wanted first pick! I say that dog is my "granddog", since he was my "babies' baby".

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | I'm Over Him, but Not the Dogs Seattle Weekly: 03.26.08
9/17/08 12:38 PM