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Canyon Fringe Hammock
5/16/14 04:08 PM



Everything is 50% off! (except consignment items). The store is emptying more each day but there are still lots of great pieces left.

Vintage dressers, tables, chairs, barware, benches...all HALF off of our already very reasonable prices. Most chairs are HALF off $30-$40. Dressers are HALF off $175-$225. Open today from 11-9, Saturday 11-6. For more hours & location info:

Nest Vintage Modern is about 25 minutes west of downtown Chicago.
26 S. La Grange Rd.. La Grange, IL

Weekend Guide: Sales & Events Calendar May 16, 2014
5/16/14 04:08 PM

I think this is pretty and charming. Just the sort of craft I'd like to do with my kids for Easter. Thank you for sharing!

DIY Project Idea: How to Make Easter Baskets from Sugar String Apartment Therapy Reader Project Tutorials
4/15/14 12:27 PM

Oh dear!! Well, sadly, on a scale of 1-10 of obnoxious things she'd do when she came to visit (and by "visit", I mean an open-ended plane ticket and stays of 3-4 months at a time) that was probably about a 4.

Traveling? Here's How to Annoy Your Host
3/24/14 03:15 PM

BONUS POINTS! Have phone sex with your boyfriend while sharing an air vent with your toddler granddaughter.

(My ex-mother-in-law did this.)

Traveling? Here's How to Annoy Your Host
2/20/14 12:04 PM

Some really good ideas! Smart use to turn it over and use it as a small vanity shelf and towel holder. Someday if I ever get my basement studio back, I'll grab a stack for craft stuff storage.

10 Ways To Use IKEA's Bekvam Spice Racks All Over the House
2/17/14 11:00 AM

Hi there! We dropped from 22 nominations to 7 today. Eek! Did something happen?

Nominate Your Favorite Home Projects & DIY Blogs for The Homies Awards The Homies 2014
2/17/14 10:37 AM

I've been a fan of the small desk-as-nightstand option for the longest time.

Some beautiful options and lots of luscious eye-candy!

10 Unusual Things to Use as a Nightstand
2/14/14 10:04 PM

With a black & white cat (yea both!), and a dog who's part beagle/collie, we have a rainbow of fur. And what isn't furry has little tiny scraps of paper from my 4 year old son who is super into cutting paper up right now.

We always take our shoes off at the front door, but it's Chicago and stuff just gets tracked in during the winter. It's just gonna happen.

SO...I've been using those multi-color woven rag rugs that you can find from time to time at HomeGoods and layering floor cloths here and there since they're easy to throw in the wash. It's a cozy Boho look, which I find quite like.

Which Is Easier To Keep Looking Clean: Light or Dark Rugs?
2/13/14 02:54 PM

Oh yeah! Totally add a bone folder. And a scoring board. I put off buying one for the longst time, but now it's one of the tools I reach for most often.

DIY Tools to Live By: Best Crafting Basics
2/13/14 02:47 PM

I've been rebuilding a creative space after last spring's floods wiped out our basement, where I had a whole big room to spread out. Since my space is now relegated to a small corner in the living room, I've been using a vintage Hoosier cabinet and finding all sorts of interesting storage options from YouTube craft room tours.

Lots of craft tools cross paths with scrapbooking. -Which is also, strangely enough, considered a craft. :)

DIY Tools to Live By: Best Crafting Basics
2/13/14 10:58 AM

I have a bar, but typically only have the bottles out when guests are over so we can enjoy cocktails and they feel welcome to play around with their own recipes. ::shrug::

Any other time, I don't suppose anyone would ever know if they were out on display or not.

Fun or Faux Pas? Liquor Bottles on Display
2/13/14 10:45 AM

I'm so impressed with the bright, happy, resourceful, creative decor. It's warm and thoughtfully-appointed.

Sticking the multi-colored glass knobs idea in my folder for the future. You guys should be really proud. And so smart to live well on a budget these days.

Rebecca & Dustin's \"Screw Convention\" Re-Invented Mobile Home House Tour
2/13/14 10:22 AM

"I agree, check INTO your neighbors. do a little investigating. living next door to an obnoxious jerk is not pleasant."

OH MY GOD I cannot second this strongly enough. I have never had bad neighbors anywhere I've ever lived in my entire life until we moved where we live now. This man and woman came into our backyard to "inspect it", flyered the neighborhood that we had 3 hens, declared that they were going to "take care of the problem", and within a couple weeks we had 3 dead hens in our yard.

10 Things to Check Before You Buy a Home
2/5/14 07:01 PM

Next time I'll certainly be asking if there have been any home insurance claims in the past 10 years. The woman we bought our house from baldfaced lied to us when we asked if the basement ever took on water. Not only had it had moisture, they had more than 2 bad floods (that we know of). We suffered a total loss of a fully finished basement last spring as a result of not knowing this.

10 Things to Check Before You Buy a Home
2/5/14 06:54 PM

"Sentimental decadence" -- I LOVE THIS. I totally get the intent and in practice it looks gorgeous.

Matt, you may like the book "New Orleans, Elegance and Decadence". It's lush, theatrical eye candy.

Shaun & Matt's Glam Loft House Tour
1/16/14 01:55 PM

I like the idea of open shelving and admire it in magazine spreads, but when I think of it in my own home, I think "dusty plates and glasses".

How To Know if You're Ready for Open Kitchen Shelving
1/16/14 01:51 PM

I love this idea. With a 4 year old boy and a 12 year old girl at home, plus my husband and I, this is a habit we can all easily handle. I'll give it a try. :)

The \"3 Things\" Rule: Inching Toward Cleanliness
1/16/14 01:48 PM

If you use barn lye and have a properly constructed coop, you do not have to clean the coop daily. It just needs proper ventilation, pine shavings (NOT cedar---toxic to the hens), and barn lye to break down the waste.

Fresh water, fresh dry food, love and attention. And chickens are absolutely friendly! They're also hilarious. They, like any animal which may be feral, will warm up to the family if handled. Ours used to hop in our laps when we'd let them out of their run to enjoy the backyard.

Don't build a coop with anything a small child could open. I've seen hook-and-eye latches and racoons can open those right up. :(

Pros & Cons of Raising Backyard Chickens
4/17/13 06:12 PM

"chickens are not pets. They are livestock."

Poultry does not fall under the legal definition of "livestock". This is an important thing to note when approaching local authorities who may be a bit grey on how hens apply to local ordinances. Many assume it's illegal just because they haven't been commonplace until more recently. But human assumptions do not equate documented law.

I fought for clarification of our local ordinances and won.


Pros & Cons of Raising Backyard Chickens
4/17/13 06:06 PM