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You gotta find what makes sense and what works for your family and throw out any ideas of what gender does what or who makes more money.

My husband is home with the kids all day. The house is usually a mess...he can't really clean and take care of them at the same time. Would I like the house to be cleaner when I get home? Sure...but it is not my job to tell him how to do his job. If I'm home with them I can get some cleaning done but probably don't give them the same quality play time. Also, who knows if I could keep that up if I were home all day every day. We do things differently and that's ok. Our compromise is I spend about an hour after dinner doing a general tidy of the house. I like light cleaning and its a good way for me to decompress after work. He hates cleaning, I hate cooking. He cooks all meals, I clean up afterward. It works for us. We have a cleaning service come once a month to do a deep clean of the house. We don't eat out anymore (kids are too crazy anyway LOL) so that money goes to keeping our house and peace of mind.

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12/18/13 01:38 PM

I would totally start cutting my cats nails again if I won this!

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12/18/13 01:24 PM

We tried to go with a plain restaurant style hair chair as that went best with our decor and budget but we found our baby really needed a tray. So then we tried using a hand me down high chair with a cushion and large tray...that was a pain to clean, food was constantly stuck in all the crevices and the tray was far too gigantic for our sink. Then the Blames came out and we really like it. The stokke is way out of our price range and the Blames is crazy cheap and works well for our needs. It was easy to assemble and has a very small footprint in our tiny apartment. It is a bit taller than the Antilop and the legs are at a better angle. The tray is a good size...not so tiny that everything goes on the floor but not too big to easily clean in the sink. Not too may weird crevices for food to hide either- only the spot where the strap comes out, but the seat still wipes down pretty easy. Once you figure out how to slide the tray in and out it is quick and easy. My only complaint would be that the paint on the body where they tray connects started chipping off almost immediately though I'm sure this could be corrected by applying your own fresh coat when you buy it if you are so inclined.

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1/10/11 02:24 PM

Ai! The picture of him in the sink! So cute!

Happy Birthday Tibet
8/9/10 05:16 PM

Yum! My favorite. I don't even see the need to stuff them...just whip up a quick batter, fry em and eat them hot!

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