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Start early. Garage salers (myself included) are crazy and will show up even earlier if there is a prospect of good bargains -- guaranteed. People are excited by bright, legible signs. I remember my mom using yellow posters, black sharpies, and red balloons tied in the corners to attract attention of drivers on major roadways. Put some sort of wood backing (like a garden stake) on the back to prevent your signs from bending. Then use the same color paper/markers to make arrow signs directing your shoppers/browsers down the road to your fabulous garage sale! Have fun!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Tips for Having a Garage (or Yard) Sale
5/28/08 03:29 PM

This is the neatest space I have ever entered! If you look closely at the exterior pictures you'll see little dots or holes in the concrete spaced strategically throughtout. At the end of each "hole" is a glass marble so the sunlight can stream thru the various prisms.

The firemans pole from the loft to the main space below is pretty sweet. And the acoustics are fantastic.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Brain by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects
4/2/08 01:04 PM