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I worked from home for most of my daughter's young life and it was terrific - and would have worked well in an office too. She was an easy baby and when she wasn't nursing she slept on a Boppy in my lap while I typed over top of her. At about 6 months I had to take her on a road trip with me for a week of store visits when my childcare fell through at the last minute and the trip was already planned. That was more stressful - but it was ok. I already had relationships with the folks at the stores, I wore her in a backpack while I worked and everyone understood it was an unusual situation.

Don't get me wrong. It can be hard and there will be bad days - but a lot depends on the office environment and the baby's temperament. And yours :-)

Does Bringing Your Baby to Work, Work?
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12/7/11 02:52 PM

I got my daughter her first machine when she was 4. It was a step up from the one shown in the picture - but it was still junk. A year later she inherited her grandmother's Singer and has been happily sewing on it ever since. She's 9 now.

I teach a lot of sewing classes for kids. I usually start them at 6+, but I let my daughter start younger because she sees me sewing all the time and wanted to do it too. I also second all the people who mentioned embroidery too. That's great for this age - and they'll love stitching their own (or your) drawings.

I'm also happy to give sharp needles to kids as young as 4. I give them safety rules and I'm firm about them. The main one is "If it's not in your hand it's in a pincushion. Always." I've never had a sewing machine injury or a needle injury. Honestly - the iron is the most dangerous tool in the sewing room.

Sorry - I know I'm going on and on - but I'm really passionate about teaching kids to sew. :-) I wrote a post with some my Top 10 Tips here. http://wendigratz.blogspot.com/2011/07/10-tips-for-sewing-with-kids.html

Sewing Kit Ideas for a Beginner
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11/30/11 05:35 PM