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Latest Comments... dont know his demographic and i think he should go for it...if its somewhere like austin, new york or los angeles it would be hit with the new younger crowd that is settling there

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8/26/08 10:42 AM

To Jeffnyc...your statement is false. I am Jamaican and there is no such law. I will admit there is rampant homophobia, and that must change, but the people are usually nice, and helpful. For you to blatantly tell people not to support our economy is relative to you telling people not to go to New York, or Los Angeles or Baltimore to avoid violence. It is a beautiful country and the new government has made great efforts to harness that problem. Please be more thorough with your research next time.

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8/18/08 03:09 PM

So true...I went to Crate and Barrel today and saw the Petrie sofa HALF OFF!! I think I had an orgasm... only to have the salesperson staple a SOLD sign to it. Point is, move quickly, they also deeply discount floor samples so look out for those too

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6/18/08 06:27 PM

since when do you guys refer to yourselves as "Apartment Therapy media group"???

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6/17/08 03:48 PM

Crate and Barrel Petrie Sofa:

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Similar Sofa to the Sahara?
4/8/08 06:52 AM apartment! Would you mind telling us where the couches are from?

Apartment Therapy New York | East #7: Yokie's Pops of Color
4/3/08 01:04 PM

OK!! we can end this contest now! This is the by far the most awesome little apt. well put together and thoughtful execution. kudos

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4/2/08 11:22 AM