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I love the idea of a green roof as long as its green in more than just color. It should be sustainable too. Here in Chicago, a roof of non-native grasses would require more natural resources to maintain than is sustainable.

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7/9/08 07:41 AM

During my Spring decluttering, I got rid of a whole big bunch of books, so I'd have room for this one.

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5/8/08 01:12 PM

My "coffee table" is a leather storage ottoman. I keep a large rectangular wood tray on it. It holds a set of coasters, small red leather box for remotes and a Phoney Shoe (red shoe-shaped tchotchke-like thing that holds the phone -- its crazy and sparkley and its not Dorothy's but it could be).

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4/28/08 12:28 PM

AT you amaze me! What a sweet little treasure to stumble upon today. Thanks for sharing cuz tramps like us, baby, we were born to run.

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4/9/08 07:54 AM

I just picked up a microfiber mit and an odd size cloth at the dollar store! They are awesome for all kinds of cleaning.

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4/3/08 09:55 AM

I have a Dahon folding bike too! I have the Jack, its a full-size mountain bike that folds in half. I keep it in the front hall closet during the winter and in my car's trunk during the summer. I used to keep my full-size bike in the community room of my condo building until it was stolen.

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4/2/08 08:39 AM