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Those blue shutters make me itchy - not so good. Like the first posting - not quite a rainbow and the others are nice, but feel a bit too unbalanced to me. Humans love symmetry.

Make One Colorful Change to Create Crazy Curb Appeal
7/31/14 01:21 PM

What's the story of someone saying to Narcissus? "Watch yourself."

Selfie Lovers, Meet the Narcissus Desk Design News
7/31/14 01:20 PM

And, then, they figured out how to make a profit….

Hair Care Crisis: \"Shampooing\" Circa 1883 The New York Times Archives
7/31/14 01:18 PM

I grew up in a mid-century ranch house. One bathroom was pink and black and my room-sharing sister insisted (and got her way) that we have a pink bedroom. I NEVAH want to have anything pink again. Whew! Now I feel better.

Flamingos are allowed, though.

Everything Old is New Again: Pink Tile in the Bathroom, Then & Now
7/31/14 01:17 PM

I'm now going to go look for a Switzerland sign for my neutral home - maybe the family will quit feeling sorry for me in my "dull" space.

10 Tell-Tale Signs that Your Home Style Is: Organic Modern
7/31/14 08:59 AM

Just discovered this post. Very very accurate. I love it!

10 Tell-Tale Signs that Your Home Style Is: Bohemian
7/31/14 08:55 AM

The adhesive ruler tape would have made my life so much easier a couple of years ago! I'm going to get this to help my mom hange pictures.

8 Tools That'll Change The Way You DIY
7/30/14 11:52 AM

$400 - 600 is the norm. As MaryCooksalot states - size, access to the tree drives the cost. I'm not surprised by the $1K cost.

Check insurance!!!

How Much Did It Cost To Remove a Tree From Your Yard? Reader Intelligence Request
7/29/14 08:43 AM

Start with less potentially harmful and move on. Dish soap and water - alcohol - bleach. I also really like Bon Ami cleanser - doesn't scratch.

Consider putting a coating of wax to help protect in the future. Most definitely test first.

Good luck!

Can a Stubborn Stain Be Removed from White Lacquer? Good Questions
7/29/14 08:41 AM


Rachel's First Place (and It's Great!) House Call
7/29/14 08:07 AM

Did that too and quickly discovered, as you did, that this idea is NOT good.

10 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Space
7/28/14 07:06 PM

I grew up in southern USA and we took our shoes off. I had to learn that many other homes did NOT do this.

I just hate wearing shoes, so this works for me now.

I wish all of my guests had pedicures though - sometimes their feet are gross!

7 Ways You’re Making House Cleaning Harder Than It Has To Be
7/28/14 11:16 AM

Many cats hate citrus so maybe concealing a citrus-scented something in the plant would deter them.

My Cats Are Eating My Succulents! Help? Good Questions
7/28/14 11:12 AM

I love baskets and trays. Trays are also good for gathering smaller clutter prior to putting away - the tray makes the items visible so the items can be found until they are put in their place and the visibility prods me to actually put everything away!

I find this works particularly great for my jewelry - I have stopped having to rummage through the jewelry box looking for the earrings that really should have been put into the compartmentalized earring box. (You knew I had one, right?)

A Secret Weapon to Keeping Home Clean & Tidy Comment of the Day
7/28/14 10:51 AM


Give the cats their own plants - cat grass or a boston fern that they can lay on - like a play area for cats.

Sometimes cats end up chewing the plants because they look like prey/toys - the branches waving in the breeze - give them an alternative toy - look for a hanging toy.


Cage the plants as the previous poster noted (like this idea a lot!). Terrariums.

I put bamboo skewers into the dirt to keep my cats from digging - looked a bit odd, but also worked.

My Cats Are Eating My Succulents! Help? Good Questions
7/28/14 10:41 AM

The outdoor (blackened top table) is impressive. I'd probably end up with the fire department in my yard though!

Ambitious & Awesome: 6 Fun DIY Projects for Outdoor Spaces
7/26/14 03:34 PM

Is this real?

Before & After: A Marvelous Mid-Century Modern Make-Under
7/26/14 11:52 AM

This makes me ask, "How would you like to LIVE in a park?"

Is a Giant Rock the Office Furniture of the Future? Design News
7/25/14 11:25 AM

Good work - where did the ironing board go?

Before & After: A Catch-All Laundry Room Gets Beautiful and Functional
7/25/14 10:42 AM

This one makes me wish my inner ear allowed me to balance on a bike! Sigh.

BIKEID Track Model
7/25/14 08:11 AM