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I love the pops of yellow - my personal favorite color - against the blues of your furnishings.

Yeah...I'd love to see it next year, too.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #20: Karen's Use Your Imagination Unfinished Rowhouse
4/19/08 08:34 AM

Hi Lisette:

Could you tell me about the cushions on the radiators? Were those made? Did you buy them. Thanks alot!

p.s.--I haven't left the site yet.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #11 - Lisette's Pied a Terre
4/18/08 12:39 PM

Yeah...I liked what I saw, but....the pictures? Geez.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #17: Brian's Loft
4/18/08 12:26 PM

I live in Rogers Park on the third floor corner unit. I woke up to the early morning aftershock and heard my my neighbors downstairs. As my bed shook, I though the neighbors were going at it and drifted back to sleep. Then NPR set me straight.

This was the first time I felt one. At least I know when the real one happens, I'll wake up in a second.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest Earthquake: Did You Feel It at Home?
4/18/08 09:03 AM

It's a great apartment, but it doesn't appeal to my personal sense of style. I voted cool. But the most super picture is the bedroom. What is that on the wall and how can I duplicate???

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #13: David's Designer Digs
4/18/08 08:55 AM

Why do all the smaller apartments have bigger kitchens then mine? Grrr!!!

I love the colors and the smart use of space and light. I voted cool because there is something missing that my non-design minded brain can't articulate. I'll figure it out.

Apartment Therapy New York | East #26: Ed Ev's Studio of Great Ideas
4/18/08 08:41 AM

Hi Thopunk.

I really like your fearlessness of color. Considering what I saw of your place, one needs it to live comfortably. And the lounge is a great custom-made piece.

But I think you could have gone further with reigning in the scale. In my opinion, the furniture seems too small for the living room. Or it could be that having the furniture mostly against the wall distorts my perception of the living room's scale. It just feels too empty.

However I'd love to see what you'll do in NY.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #14: Merrill and Tim's First Apartment
4/15/08 12:52 PM

Where have you been all this time??? I guess you were saving the best for last.

If you don't end up a finalist, I'm leaving this site.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #11 - Lisette's Pied a Terre
4/15/08 12:37 PM

I must say I love the wallpaper in the living room, but the pillows don't carry their own weight against that strong black and white paper. I really liked the dining room and bedroom, but altogether, it's missing a cohesion of style.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #5: Teddy's Warehouse
4/14/08 05:41 AM

I agree with Martita. It's amazing anyone's sense of personal style can shine against wood paneling. The landlord needs some re-education. But since the vote is on what I saw, I voted not my bag. Your style need another canvas to shine.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #8: The White Lodge
4/11/08 01:26 PM

Was the bathroom sink original to the apartment? If not, where did you get that from? It looks really comfortable there.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #1 - Miss Bliss's Colorful Chihuahua Kingdom
4/2/08 07:34 AM