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Yeesh, I live right around the corner and still haven't been inside. Glad for the sneak peek!

The Historic Loring-Greenough House
House Tour

2/21/12 08:35 PM

Great advice. Most important to have fun, I say. Looks great.

5 Simple Steps for Making Your Home a Better Place
1/6/12 11:30 AM

Hi Christy! Painting tile never really works out. I wouldn't bother. It's one thing to paint the tile, but dealing with grout is a whole other animal. It usually never looks as good as you hope it would and is kind of a big let down. Plus, paint might affect the washability of the tile (which is important in a bathroom). Instead, I would focus on the wall space you guys have. Doing a nice stripe/chevron with glaze and flat paint could look cool. Or a nice stencil around the border. Something bold and funky to take away any drab feelings you have about the tile. Good luck!

Tile-Painting Tips or Avoid it Altogether?
Good Questions

11/30/11 08:11 AM