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I have 2 kids and a dog. We would all be covered in lemonade and potato salad in 2 seconds flat.

The Picnic Accessory You Didn't Know You Needed Food News
7/7/14 02:45 PM

Lovely party. What are you planning to do with the mural?

Best Kids Parties: Save The Bees My Party
6/7/13 08:30 AM

Your house is lovely, but what got me is your SHOE COLLECTION! So, so awesome.

Linton & Rob's Colorful Family Home House Tour
3/5/13 10:36 PM

I love purple, but not the hue in the first photo. The others are lovely, though!

Polarizing Purple
8/29/12 12:28 PM

It's awesome! I too am Torontonian, own a Boston Terrier (best dogs ever!) and love vintage Canadiana. Fabulous job! Those mugshot prints in your kitchen are awesome. I thought about buying them, but my 3 year old said they are scary. :(

Natalie and Kevin's Perfect Parkdale Perch House Tour
8/29/12 12:23 PM

Really awesome!!!

Best Kids Parties: Hip Hip Hooray My Party
8/20/12 04:19 PM

Very good plan. I've been very overwhelmed, and I think this could really help.

Tips For Spring Cleaning & Time Management
4/5/12 02:17 PM

Great cake! It looks like a lovely party.

Best Kids Parties: Rainbows My Party
4/5/12 02:15 PM

Lovely! What is that in the fireplace???

Mara & Alex's First Home as a Married Couple
House Tour

11/25/11 10:36 PM

Yes! LAME.

Oh Canada! Gift Guide for the Canada Lover
11/7/11 08:50 PM

Way depressing. And dangerous looking. ;-).

Play-Less Toys by Marloe Bakx
11/7/11 08:26 PM

@wseattlemom - I don't think it was a shameless self-promo, she was pointing out that this is NOT REALLY ONE DAY'S WORK and relating it to her past experience. I concur.
Whether or not it can be counted as one day's work, it is nice. :-)

Before & After: A One Day Nursery Makeover
Perfectly Imperfect

10/27/11 09:29 PM

Awesome!! I have an Alice Apple sausage dog in my daughter's room too. Love all the Miffy as well!

Polly's Bold & Colorful Retro Room
Room Tour

8/14/11 02:58 PM

Super cute.

DIY Animal Candleholders
The Sweetest Occasion

8/14/11 02:44 PM

Oh, and I think they are hideous and insanely overpriced.

New Wonder Bumpers from Go Mama Go Designs
7/7/11 09:57 AM

That crib skirt is insane.

New Wonder Bumpers from Go Mama Go Designs
7/7/11 09:56 AM

brianaost - Skip Hop, if I'm not mistaken!

Great job, it's a lovely and happy room!

Dot, Dot, Dash
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #28

5/16/11 02:59 PM

"Perhaps we should have?"

Like it's out of your control? Do it then!

15 Ways Your Home Can Make You Infertile
This Old House.com

1/5/11 03:00 PM

I want them!

Indestructibles: 100% Baby-Proof Books
1/5/11 02:51 PM

Living with one's parents is perfectly common in Japan, but sleeping in the same room is NOT. Creepy! My Japanese husband literally shuddered when we watched that.

Small Space Solutions from a Tiny Tokyo Home

12/12/10 10:27 PM