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Flat roof. I like.

This particular installation = ugly. But aesthetics aside its great!

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7/8/08 02:06 PM

dope! geek n chic.

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4/1/08 02:00 PM

I love Community Forklift! Great source for salvaged oak flooring if thats ur thing. Ppl r exta nice too.

Also check out Brass Knob Backdoors for cool LARGE finds (tubs, door, mantles, chairs, etc)
Or regular ol' Adams Morgan Brass Knob for SMALLER finds (knobs, lights, fans, molding, etc)

Apartment Therapy New York | AT DC: Community Forklift - Salvage and Donations
4/1/08 12:46 PM

The results from my own project planning are:
1) Sonos of course
2) Airport Express,
your own speakers (I like the A5N Bamboo although pricey),
and Signal software where u can use an iPhone, iPod touch, or a Windows Mobile Pocket PC as your remote.

I currently use my TiVo here and there but since I have a laptop, which isn't always plugged in, it kinda sucks.

Good luck.

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4/1/08 12:37 PM