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Great post! Though I would question the wisdom of stretching a shower curtain over pieces of food. ;)

Creating a Home: 15 Ideas for Making & Displaying Art Renters Solutions
7/7/14 11:26 AM

Second the potatoes -- I buy a bag and bake them all at once. I like to make mine into stuffed potatoes before I freeze them though (basically just twice-baked, but with vegetables). Scoop out the innards, mix with milk and minced garlic while still hot, then stir in whatever stuff you want. I like broccoli and cheese, southwest style (black beans, bell pepper, onion, corn, etc.), buffalo "chicken" (buffalo sauce, celery, MF chicken strips, blue cheese). You can pull out a half or a whole depending on how hungry you are and whether it's a side or full meal.

I've also had great luck freezing pizzas and calzones using thekitchn's method. I make a big batch of dough and bake it all off in one night so I've got several pizzas (various kinds) and calzones.

Also second the foodsaver. It really is an awesome gadget, and you can even reuse bags from other foods (cereal, chips, etc.), so it doesn't have to be as wasteful as you might think.

Our Readers' Best Advice for Freezing Dinners for One or Two Reader Intelligence Report
3/27/14 03:42 PM

Our across-the-street neighbor was using a 4x6' sheet of plywood -- holding it in front of him, and using it to push the snow away. I thought it was so brilliant that I Instagrammed it . . . but I think he saw me, because then he switched to the shovel. But seriously! So smart!

The Best Snow Shoveling Tips & Tricks from Around the Web
1/9/14 05:56 PM

For the record, I've had this user name (as a standard username, not on AT) since 1999 when I got my first email account. :)

Before & After: Colorful Piano Makeover East Coast Creative
7/26/13 03:17 PM

I used to make this at home all the time during my wacky-diet-a-week college years (I think it was part of something called "The Fat Flush").

All you do is dump a bag of cranberries into a pot of water and boil it. The cranberries will pop, which is a fun perk. when it looks like they're pretty much all popped, you strain it out and store in the fridge.

Technically it's diluted, but it's unsweetened. I never found a way to enjoy the taste, but it will clear out a UTI in a flash.

Undiluted Cranberry Juice: My Surprisingly Economical Summer Hero
7/26/13 03:16 PM

My partner has joint custody of his two dogs with his ex-wife, and it can be a challenge. I have two cats, and the pets struggle to get along -- made worse by the fact that the dogs aren't there all the time (and in fairness, neither are the cats, since we are long-distance for much of the year). I also worry that when I am finished with school and we have to move that his ex will seize the opportunity to try to get full custody, and I know it will break my partner's heart to lose the dogs. They have an agreement written into the divorce paperwork, but it's not exactly like children, where you'd obviously have to renegotiate the agreement. So we'll see how that works.

When my ex and I split, it was not up for negotiation. I gave up most of the property so that I could keep the cats. I started over with very little, but at least I had the love of my pets.

Part-Time Pets: Would You Have Joint Custody?
6/6/13 06:45 PM

Everything is disposable if you dispose of it after you use it. And I personally find it a little classist to toss around this idea of "cheap disposeables." By cheap, you mean what people have to buy who don't have much money? Classy.

In this case, I assume that you would reuse these sponges multiple times (or at least you could, whether or not that's the author's argument). I use those sponges to do dishes, and they last for quite a long time (I haven't bought a new pack of three in over a year), so if you're just soaking and freezing, I think they'd probably last quite a while.

Make Ice Packs From a Kitchen Sponge My Kitchen Escapades
9/11/12 11:21 AM

I didn't think to do this, and my grandmother passed away something like 10 years ago. We were left with a box of recipes, most of which just included a few ingredients (with no amounts specified). After a little trial and error, I was able to figure out her German-gone-Swedish potato salad, but haven't yet come up with the correct combination for her deviled eggs.

Talk to your family before it's too late!!

Family History: How To Document Recipes That Aren't Written Down
7/30/12 04:03 PM

I use butter for the fat in the roux and then chop up MorningStar sausage links (just microwave for a bit to thaw, cut into bits, and toss in the finished gravy to finish heating up). My meat-loving ex-husband liked it better than regular sausage. :)

Breakfast Recipe: Southern Sausage Gravy Recipes from The Kitchn
7/23/12 03:54 PM

Mix in shredded up apples (any variety). The flavor isn't really noticeable, but it makes the moistest, thickest, richest pancakes ever. I don't really like wheat or oat pancakes, but with apples mixed in, I don't even care about syrup.

Take Pancakes Up a Notch: 7 Mix-Ins That Make Mornings Brighter
7/11/12 12:32 AM

Not to be a snark, but you're actually revealing the sex. You can't really know how the child's gender will develop for quite awhile. That said, congrats and best of luck!

Make-Ahead Foods for a Baby Gender-Reveal BBQ? Dinner Party Questions
7/5/12 06:58 PM

These are delicious:

I make them with strips of boneless skinless chicken breast, and I baked them for like 25 minutes (?) at 375 instead of frying -- then back in the sauce just like the recipe says. They are VERY spicy, so sometimes I adjust the ratio of Diet Coke to Frank's. They come out spicy and a tiny bit sweet, just like the best wings.

Heart-Healthy Recipe for Buffalo Chicken Wings?
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11/29/11 04:20 PM