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To answer some of the questions:

- The bookshelf is the Sapien from DWR. The CB2 one is authentic (and only $10 less) but comes in different colors.
- The ladder is from Ikea, $50, and it is necessary to reach the storage space above the air-shaft (it is hard to tell how far back and high that space is from the pictures). I am 5 '9 and would not be able to reach back there without it.
- The arc lamp is not particularly overwhelming -- the ceiling is actually taller than it looks from the pictures, over 8ft. Plus, as this is a rental, I purchased furniture that I will continue to use in future apartments. The sofa also unfolds into a queen-size spring/air-mattress bed for out-of-town guests
- The plug-in track lighting was purchased from Home Depot, it is their standard Hampton Bay track lighting, but has a plug-end module.
- There is a Kitchen. It is directly across from the bathroom, however, it cannot be seen in the pictures. It is the tiled area on the floorplan to the right of the entry.
- The bed is full size
- I clean around the toilet and sink with a mop (carefully)

Thanks for all your comments!

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dude, sweet pad. sesh it up!

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