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Did someone just compare co-sleeping with drunk driving and mishandling a gun? Are you serious? I cannot imagine the tragedy of losing a precious baby to SIDS, and my heart goes out to anyone who has experienced such an awful thing. But the science and the studies do not support your position that co-sleeping is the problem, and making statements like that just helps you lose the argument, not make a difference.

Baby Sleep Positions How To Be A Dad
4/25/12 10:43 AM

Bumbo, full-sized swing (baby #1 did like it, so we got rid of it and borrowed a travel swing for #2, so much better), and the big plastic bath tub (got a cheap mesh seat for #2, much easier to store, dry, and use).

Nursery Nevers: Products You'd Never Purchase Again Nesting a Nursery
3/26/12 02:42 PM

Oh, I almost forgot - the Ergo baby carrier. Vastly improved the quality of my life (and my productivity).

What Are Your Nursery Must-Haves? Nesting a Nursery
3/1/12 02:33 PM

I agree that there are very few "necessities," but a few things that I had with my first that I knew I wanted with my second: (1) a LARGE changing pad -- we do not have a changing table, so it's great to have something that protects the floor or bed; (2) Boppy pillow for nursing - with it, I can nurse one-handed, for the most part, and read (to myself or to my toddler); (3) comfortable rocker/glider - for nursing and snuggling - both of my kids just love the rocking motion; (4) a decent nightlight - I love the molded rubber (soft plastic?) LED nightlights from Target - perfect amount of light for nursing and for (I admit it) obsessively checking to make sure baby is ok in her co-sleeper next to the bed; (5) a bassinet or co-sleeper: I would love to be one of those people who co-sleeps snuggily with her baby, but I just sleep better with baby close by but in the bed. LOVE my Arm's-Reach co-sleeper. I can keep my hand on baby's back to help her stay asleep, but she's in her own space.

What Are Your Nursery Must-Haves? Nesting a Nursery
3/1/12 02:30 PM

I think it completely depends on what kind of work you are doing, and the general office environment. I work two days a week as an attorney, and I cannot even imagine what a disaster it would be to try to work my son at the office. I have worked from home with him for a few hours per week on-and-off since he was born (he's now 22 months) -- it was okay when he was little, but now he is very verbal and completely opposed to me participating in long phone calls.

I agree with some of the previous posters that it is really nice to think about work when I am at work, and my son when I am at home. I do not have a lot of cross-over. That said, I might feel differently if I worked full-time at a baby-friendly office -- if my choice were between not seeing him much all week and dealing with the stress of bringing him to work, I might choose the latter. Maybe.

Just know that your boss might not remember what it's like to have a little one - she may think the idea of having a baby in the office sounds nice, but be pretty annoyed if the little munchkin regularly interrupts her meetings.

Does Bringing Your Baby to Work, Work?
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12/7/11 03:15 PM