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Quarter, peel and scoop the seeds out. Slice like apples, saute in butter till starting to get tender. Add the same ingredients you would for apple pie: sugar/brown sugar and your favorite spices. Use for apple pie filling, apple crisp, cobbler, etc. (You start with the sauteed zucchini the same place in the recipe you would for raw apple slices tossed with the sugar and spices). People can tell if you tell them it's zucchini and they study it closely, but if you don't tell them, they'll never know the difference. And this uses a lot more zucchini than bread...

What Are Some Recipes for Really Huge Zucchinis? Good Questions
7/9/14 11:45 AM

Most people in good health aren't sensitive to sodium and don't really have to worry about it too much. That said, avoiding sodium allows you to avoid a host of other things you probably don't want anyway, preservatives etc. And it's the form of sodium in those prepared foods that's the hardest on your body. Table salt is one of the easiest forms to deal with and flush out any excess. In working with clients I've often found that when they work to avoid the salt shaker, they end up getting other nasty forms of sodium that are hidden in foods just for taste. You really can work around it, though, and Jessica's site is so super helpful. Thanks for posting this!

Sneaky Sodium: A Few Surprising Sources of Sodium in Food Sodium Savvy
7/3/14 01:10 PM

We just baked a froze a bunch of cupcakes (unfrosted) for birthday parties (they come fast back-to-back sometimes here) and they were awesome. No problem with the papers, either the foil-lined papers or the cheap-o pastel papers. Texture was great. We even froze some after the party with whipped cream on them and then brought them out later and everyone thought they were just as good, and the whipped cream was great too. Should be no problem as long as you start with a good recipe!

Can I Freeze Cupcakes for Later? Good Questions
6/9/14 10:23 AM

I LOVE this! We have 8 kids and had 5 boys in a room for a while - 2 bunks with a trundle. It got smelly too fast, and was always hot at night, so we had to move them into 2 rooms. We just bought a house that is no bigger but better laid out, but I miss being close to the kids, hearing them all the time. It's funny - we end up hanging out in 2-3 rooms all the time, and if I have to yell twice up the stairs to get their attention I get frustrated and wish we lived in half the square footage. The biggest advantage of that would be MAKING us get rid of stuff. Stick with the small space - once you move bigger it's SO hard to go back. I know I'll miss my kids when they're gone but I honestly can't wait to move back down to a small house. :)

Comfort & Simplicity in a Room for Four Brothers My Room
5/26/14 10:26 AM

Finally jumped on the bandwagon and made this since strawberries are in season now... At the last minute I pulled out a block (8 oz.) of cream cheese and whipped that first before adding the whipping cream - just cut back on the cream to about 2 1/2 cups. It was SO good with the cream cheese! I skipped the chocolate because my husband is not a chocolate lover (I offered it on individual servings instead). We had to hide it from the kids to have any leftovers at all. And I don't think it ever gets too soggy - it hits "just right" and stays for as long as the leftovers last.

Summer Recipe: No-Bake Strawberry Icebox Cake Recipes from The Kitchn
5/26/14 10:21 AM

It doesn't sound very glamorous, but burrito bowls work great. You can prep everything ahead and have some fun extra ingredients, like fancy salsas or cheeses, and just last minute while you heat the protein and rice/quinoa, dice some avocado and set everything out. One thing I really like is that people can add what they like and leave what they don't, so that it works great for whatever tastes your guests have. You can do a fancy Mexican-style dessert with your extra time, like flan (super-easy) or fried ice cream, or keep it light with fresh tropical fruits.

Make-Ahead Ideas for a Weeknight Dinner Party? Good Questions
5/1/14 11:01 AM

I love the idea of glass knobs. But definitely knobs. I've lived in too many kitchens that have major grubby edges of cabinets (the upside is that you don't have to wonder which side opens!) when there were no knobs. Even if you think you keep your hands super-clean, somehow they always end up grubby. And don't clean well. But I also agree with others that if you like them without knobs, leave them. You can always add them later.

Should I Add Knobs to My Kitchen Cabinets? Good Questions
4/25/14 04:48 PM

Thank you for this! As a pediatric dietitian and mother of 8, it's refreshing to hear someone with a balanced point of view. I seem to get as clients/patients people who either over-obsess about food and just come to me to get their extreme views on food validated by someone else in front of their children, or people who are dragged to me kicking and screaming by their doctor. I think if we had more people who were more relaxed like this and who focused on the whole picture of food and what it represents, as well as how food/eating is part of all of parenting, I may be out of a job! :) Also, if people could be OK with being different from other moms in their "play group" and feed their family the way it works for their family (same goes for discipline and parenting in general) we'd all be a lot less stressed and more healthy in all ways.

Sorry, can you tell you touched on a little soap box of mine? Thanks for the excellent article!

You're Doing It Right: Feeding Your Kids You're Doing It Right
4/25/14 04:42 PM

I'd love ideas for unconventional breakfasts that are balanced - some protein, some carb, some fat. Eggs and no eggs. Kid friendly is a big plus, although our kids just eat what we eat, not "kid food." We have decent variety for breakfasts but I'd love something fresh to add to the routine occasionally. I know we're one of the few countries in the world that has a category of foods for breakfast that aren't normally eaten for lunch or supper; in other countries if they eat rice and beans for lunch or supper, what's to stop them from having that for breakfast? I guess I'm looking for something that will work us in that direction without jumping in whole hog, if that's possible. :) Thanks!

It's Breakfast Week at The Kitchn! What Do You Want to Talk About?
3/3/14 01:44 PM

Here in SC we are wishing we could ship some rain your way! Our flooded summer turned into a soaked fall and a soggy winter. I wade through mud to hang laundry on the rare sunny day. And my kids are not bluesy, they're stir-crazy! Trying to be thankful for what we have...

Caught in the Wintertime Blues Weekend Meditation
1/27/14 10:56 AM

I found out that the grocery store next to the school my oldest attends marks down all their fresh items (meat, produce and dairy) between 7:30 and 8 am. I drop him off and head straight to the store. We get organic and other higher-quality fresh things and pay 30-50% of what the store usually charges! I just asked the meat guy one morning and he encouraged me to shop then, and told me the whole mark-down routine for every department. They are glad to have it off their hands. I feed 10 people, so it's a huge savings for our family. I just shape our menu around what I can get mark-down.

15 Money-Saving Ways to Outsmart Your Supermarket Grocery Shopping Tips from The Kitchn
1/27/14 10:50 AM

Mujaddara! I think that's what cupofnimbus described so well above. We eat it with full-fat greek yogurt on top. Even the kids love it!

Good Vegetarian Recipes Starring Brown Lentils? Good Questions
11/14/13 01:37 PM

My parents gave me the Hamilton Beach model for Christmas to replace one I'd just broken the crock on. It has wonderful even heat, and works great. I just wish there was a way to turn off the infernal beep to tell me it's on. It's loud and long - just a little polite beep would be enough. I also don't like that it turns itself off after 12 hours. Maybe that's a safety feature, but when I made apple butter this fall that wasn't long enough and on a couple of batches it turned itself off before it was done, cooled somewhat and I had to start it on high for a while to get it back up to temp. Since then I use my other older one, with a simple knob you turn off or on to various levels. But I do like the even heat and capacity of the Hamilton Beach.

3 Slow Cookers To Make You a Believer
10/24/13 09:19 PM

Thanks! We eat a lot of beans and I'd heard never to salt till the end of cooking too. I forgot a lot, and ended up with bland beans. Hard to find a blander food. I'll have to try this!

Think Salt is the Enemy of Perfect Beans? Think Again.
10/24/13 10:27 AM

Make apple pie! You can peel and seed it, then slice it like apple slices. Sautee with butter in a skillet and add the usual amount of sugar, spices, etc. Turn into a pie shell, cover with crumb or crust top, and bake as usual for an apple pie. You can hardly tell the difference!

Help! What Can I Do With Giant Zucchini? Good Questions
7/26/13 12:45 PM

I've dabbled in keffir but would LOVE to know what I'm doing!

Enter to Win a Copy of True Brews by Emma Christensen Cookbook Giveaway on The Kitchn
5/23/13 10:13 PM

These look yummy. Love the idea of coconut oil. My mom's bran muffin recipe, which I've always used, calls for regular bran, a cup per dozen muffins. I found this on chowhound:

"The Bran Buds and Bran Flakes cereals are probably included in your recipes to absorb moisture and contribute to a desired texture. I'm guessing the recipes are for baked goods? I would not suggest substituting the natural wheat bran in lieu of the cereal.

Bran buds contain not only wheat bran, but also corn bran, phyllium seed husks, sugar, and baking soda. And they have been cooked (as have bran flakes), which will change the taste and texture of the the finished product. If you substitute with the natural wheat bran, you may end up with a pastey or crumbly baked good. If you do want to play with substituting, I would suggest subbing weight for weight, as the wheat bran is more dense than the cereal."

I like that the unprocessed bran has less sugar, and 1 cup in place of the 2 cups of cereal is probably about right. My mom's recipe calls for soaking the bran in the buttermilk for about 10 minutes before combining that with the remaining ingredients. I would think that would take care of the taste and texture differences between using cereal or raw bran also, at least, we like it!

Hope that helps!

Breakfast Recipe: Blueberry Bran Muffins Recipes from The Kitchn
5/1/13 02:39 PM

Thanks! I feed 10 much of the time, and we do a lot of one-dish meals, but I'm always looking for more ideas...

15 Easy One-Dish Suppers For Two or Ten Recipes from The Kitchn
4/1/13 06:16 PM

This is inspiring! We just moved and the pantry is nonexistent, so I'm having to compromise with a hutch beside the kitchen. Anyone know where to find the large jars on the second-to-bottom shelf? The few large jars I have are too tall for the shelves... Grrr.

Long Weekend Project Inspiration: A Small, Yet Super Organized Pantry
2/15/13 02:40 PM

We ate these in Peru! We called them maiz cancha. Much cheaper, of course. Kind of street food. Yummy!

Quicos (Giant Crunchy Corn Kernels)
12/13/12 01:33 PM